The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Photo by Caroline A. Slee The Longest Miles The effort seems unending waiting for that rush the release of endorphins to lull the self into comfort The hills grow steeper and the sunlight harsh on sweat-slicked skin losing salt on the climb Relief will come after the longest miles trembling legs standing atop the valley … Continue reading The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Ultra #MondayBlogs

The road ahead: Solitary But for the wild Within and without Pushing every step Every mile For hundreds Beneath unforgiving sun And the balm of starlight We become nocturnal creatures Hiding through the days Until night is a home A friendly face Waiting to greet us We stare out into darkness Into a middle distance … Continue reading Ultra #MondayBlogs


There were miles Meant to clear my head Soothe my fears And shift me Back into myself Miles spent alone A moving meditation That one clear thing That was my own But the miles Must be shared And my hours Must be divided So long as none Are ever spent in that silence again I … Continue reading Stages


The miles grow longer as the sun's shadow stretches and shade is sparse beyond the green Promises weigh heavy a "hurry hurry" to every step as oxygen thins into altitude We carry grief and beauty Together on our own less-traveled path - Caroline A. Slee