Clear Eyes #MondayBlogs

For #MondayBlogs 01/23/2023

Foreboding #MondayBlogs

Photo by Clive Kim on Foreboding We live in our civilized worlds forgetful of the world beneath us prideful in our dominion over all sinking into the illusion of power we ignore the warning signsas we trip blindly forward with our short-term vantage points we ignore instinct and foreboding believing ourselves more than animal … Continue reading Foreboding #MondayBlogs

Stopwatch #MondayBlogs

Photo by Alla Eddine Taleb on Stopwatch #MondayBlogs The breath catches the drumming heart racing steps from shade to shade the breeze chills running across sweat salt blinding the eyes as sun dances behind clouds the breath catches for the finish line unfound the race that does not end chasing all that cannot be … Continue reading Stopwatch #MondayBlogs

Diminishing #MondayBlogs

Photo by ph.galtri on Diminishing #MondayBlogs The horizon recedes always too far the distance does not shorten though the time does endless hours fruitless pursuit chasing the unreal while expending breath and heart and energy on each day's diminishing returns the keyhole closes the lung slams shut and the heart takes a final hero's … Continue reading Diminishing #MondayBlogs

The Wheel of the Year #MondayBlogs

Photo by Ashley Fontana on The Wheel of the Year Time is a story told in cycles of light seasons of rest and seasons of bloom time is a story told by the old gods a candle through the dark ushering in change time is a story known by farmers and the wilderness all … Continue reading The Wheel of the Year #MondayBlogs

Grind #MondayBlogs

Photo by Monstera on Grind Shoulder to the wheel nose to the grindstone the body into focus work become religion our backs into our labors our time spent on the clock we grind our days into our goals we grind our moments into our purpose we grind until it is obsession part of a … Continue reading Grind #MondayBlogs

Gird #MondayBlogs

Photo by SHVETS production on Gird Sanctuary is a ring a wreath in bloom a greening spring Peace is but a winding road an empty beach your hand to hold Strength is found in silent skies before the wind comes raging by Sanctuary is a ring to keep us safe within it holding everything … Continue reading Gird #MondayBlogs

Ashes #MondayBlogs

Photo by Dexter Fernandes on Pillars of smoke raining their ash down onto the Earth to start over again reborn through the fire gilded by each scar we walk through a darkened world our skin covered in ashes our eyes half-blind within the swirling cataclysm we salt the Earth start anew and rise again … Continue reading Ashes #MondayBlogs

Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Photo by Rachel Xiao on Our dreams were too heavy a burden unbearable weighing down the world with each ponderous step Our dreams were too heavy sinking beneath the waves an endless drowning figure ghostlike in the gloom Our dreams were too heavy sinking cities, tearing down the stars etched upon our hearts as … Continue reading Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Stronger #MondayBlogs

Photo by Enric Cruz López on It begins in the quiet - the breath the thought the moment of choice - and then takes us upward, climbing pushing beyond our imagined limits stronger than we knew stronger than we dreamed in those quiet breaths we are forged steely and sharp in our softness and … Continue reading Stronger #MondayBlogs