Ashes #MondayBlogs

Photo by Dexter Fernandes on Pillars of smoke raining their ash down onto the Earth to start over again reborn through the fire gilded by each scar we walk through a darkened world our skin covered in ashes our eyes half-blind within the swirling cataclysm we salt the Earth start anew and rise again … Continue reading Ashes #MondayBlogs

Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Photo by Rachel Xiao on Our dreams were too heavy a burden unbearable weighing down the world with each ponderous step Our dreams were too heavy sinking beneath the waves an endless drowning figure ghostlike in the gloom Our dreams were too heavy sinking cities, tearing down the stars etched upon our hearts as … Continue reading Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Stronger #MondayBlogs

Photo by Enric Cruz López on It begins in the quiet - the breath the thought the moment of choice - and then takes us upward, climbing pushing beyond our imagined limits stronger than we knew stronger than we dreamed in those quiet breaths we are forged steely and sharp in our softness and … Continue reading Stronger #MondayBlogs

Hours #MondayBlogs

Photo by Pixabay on Hours The days are more than a scant twenty-four in the chiming of the alarm The nights are a wink here and then gone marching the beat of the clocks Each minute a breath held and then gone the hours a climb finding the beauty of time distorted - Caroline … Continue reading Hours #MondayBlogs

The Almost Summer #MondayBlogs

Photo by Tom Fisk on In the not-quite-spring we live in this almost summer a cliffhanger a pause the breath that is held until we find our calm In the not-quite-spring of this almost summer we worship the sun in its gentler months as life returns and the world shines its green In the … Continue reading The Almost Summer #MondayBlogs

The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Photo by Caroline A. Slee The Longest Miles The effort seems unending waiting for that rush the release of endorphins to lull the self into comfort The hills grow steeper and the sunlight harsh on sweat-slicked skin losing salt on the climb Relief will come after the longest miles trembling legs standing atop the valley … Continue reading The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Casting Color #MondayBlogs

Photo by Miro Alt on There are days the world is a watercolor soft hues, and weeping shadows standing in sharp contrast to the angles of stress bold colors slashing across vision fields we create our own landscape casting color and shape across our mind imagination forming the world our heart experiences abstract impressions … Continue reading Casting Color #MondayBlogs

Spread Thin #MondayBlogs

Photo by Alex Andrews on The sky is spread thin to cover us without end stretched farther than possibility to allow the light to shine through Life is spread thin to maintain this strange balance stretching farther than reality to allow for everyone to survive The sea is spread thin burdened by our cares … Continue reading Spread Thin #MondayBlogs

Lantern #MondayBlogs

Photo by Krish Chaitu on Lantern When we cast our light we see at last the view yet...yet...yet... we find ourselves plunged into darkness hiding our eyes behind our icy hands to block the sights now exposed truth releases the chains light dispels the dark but what remains with us is a horror as … Continue reading Lantern #MondayBlogs

Earworms #MondayBlogs

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Music carries us into an elsewhere far from surrounding reality sinking into soft dreams or rising into a fight song we travel finding a new mood when sorrow overtakes us finding another world and melting through time music carries us into our new selves a song that plays without … Continue reading Earworms #MondayBlogs