Hurricane Hilary and Daily Life #MondayBlogs

Hurricane Hilary and Daily Life #MondayBlogs Well, it's definitely not poetry today! 🙂 My tiny slice of the California desert experienced a tropical storm last weekend, from Hurricane Hilary moving through Baja. In places accustomed to weather, or even just some regular rain, the storm itself would have been inconsequential. But, in a desert, we … Continue reading Hurricane Hilary and Daily Life #MondayBlogs

From All of the Before #MondayBlogs

From All of the Before #MondayBlogs Time does not heal everything but leaves it, years removed far beneath the surface of our minds distance does not change hearts from the sharp-edged stone that drove the wedge but only makes it more difficult for the pain and the violence to reach us still we fall back … Continue reading From All of the Before #MondayBlogs

A Sense of Direction #MondayBlogs

A Sense of Direction #MondayBlogs The North calls us to the cold a divine hand, pointing upward - while Eastward the sunrise puddles us with her heat and fire - we dive deep for a Southern call not a drowned world, but a peaceful one - while the West grants us rest to tuck ourselves … Continue reading A Sense of Direction #MondayBlogs

False Confidence #MondayBlogs

False Confidence #MondayBlogs How easy are the angry words to those you see as "weak": smaller in stature, younger in years seemingly all alone but oh, how sudden your change in tone your smiling face your softer side when faced with knowledge that the bite will be worse than any bark ever could be underestimated … Continue reading False Confidence #MondayBlogs

Savage #MondayBlogs

Savage Beauty lulls us into complacency forgetting the danger that lies in the civilization outside of our door we wear our polite mask trained through generations into pleasantness and a non-threatening manner but the savage within us returns as surely as our planet tilts our memories flow in our blood and we begin to shed … Continue reading Savage #MondayBlogs

A Gathering Dark #MondayBlogs

My contribution for #MondayBlogs

Breakable/Unbreakable #MondayBlogs

Thoughts on injury

Foreboding #MondayBlogs

Photo by Clive Kim on Foreboding We live in our civilized worlds forgetful of the world beneath us prideful in our dominion over all sinking into the illusion of power we ignore the warning signsas we trip blindly forward with our short-term vantage points we ignore instinct and foreboding believing ourselves more than animal … Continue reading Foreboding #MondayBlogs

Stopwatch #MondayBlogs

Photo by Alla Eddine Taleb on Stopwatch #MondayBlogs The breath catches the drumming heart racing steps from shade to shade the breeze chills running across sweat salt blinding the eyes as sun dances behind clouds the breath catches for the finish line unfound the race that does not end chasing all that cannot be … Continue reading Stopwatch #MondayBlogs