The Bay #MondayBlogs

The world closes off as we move towards the shore distant ships following invisible lanes another supply run to a faraway land As morning waves invite play swim, and surf and outriggers as bodies move in poetry the daily ballet of light casting its spell on the shore and calling us all to worship - … Continue reading The Bay #MondayBlogs

Rest #MondayBlogs

It is an afterthought that haphazard ending as day runs out of itself we are careless with these darkened hours choosing to be thoughtless to lose our sense of purpose in a punishing neglect of our own healing choosing to ignore recovery in favor of distraction forgetting the exact science of winding down while our … Continue reading Rest #MondayBlogs

Kindling #MondayBlogs

neglect sometimes benign otherwise driven by ignorance or greed a world on fire every blade set to kindling left by careless stewards living in denial of consequence and destruction pretending smoke is oxygen and fire is our sun - Caroline A. Slee

In a Plain Room #MondayBlogs

how did we come to exist inside the box this narrow world enclosing us not even a speck of color or maddening wallpaper only blank spaces was there some expert who deemed it proper? rigid lines and harsh angles and the hope of nurturing we study these walls contemplate their plumb lines are met with … Continue reading In a Plain Room #MondayBlogs

Muddling Along #MondayBlogs

The day-to-day world makes demands and calls those demands “life” we rush, we hustle, we go without pause while the real world waits beneath the smoke and mirrors of all of the “oughts” and “supposed to” we muddle along, doing what’s right forgetting that “right” was defined by illusions the world waits for our awakening … Continue reading Muddling Along #MondayBlogs

Private Prayer #MondayBlogs

There is strength in those voices raised together sharing purpose and common goals a blessing to shower down upon all that we love - Caroline A. Slee

Mirrored #MondayBlogs

We walk upon the sky, light of heart and bright of spirit. We find ourselves within the silence, a quiet calm. We seek a world of wholeness. Finding beauty outside of division. We become the fabric of the sky. Wrapped in stars and shining celestial. As transformation heals our energy, and lifts us heavenward once … Continue reading Mirrored #MondayBlogs

Shifting Days #MondayBlogs

The moon reaches fullness as the dead wait their return and the living spend their days in a wasteful twist ~ Hell in the chase of the work of the day while spirit languishes forgotten with all the magic we once held ~ Caroline A. Slee

Now or Never #MondayBlogs

There is no tomorrow No guarantee What must be Is now Is in the moment we breathe There is no tomorrow No future made real But a present We shape and hold There is no tomorrow But this very breath Filled with dreams and action and the life we create ~ Caroline A. Slee

Exhale #MondayBlogs

Whisper life Out between the lips A curse or a prayer Fire from the lips of preachers A balm from the words of mothers Lies from the seat of fickle strength And a promise From the power yet to come ~ Caroline A. Slee