Oh, Child #MondayBlogs

Oh, child - there’s a world beyond this beyond what we have seen beyond cobblestone steps and the new religions Oh, child - there is more than the myth we’ve been fed something older than governments and deeper than these roots Oh, child - hold fast your dreams and travel far beyond the limits others … Continue reading Oh, Child #MondayBlogs

Fearless #MondayBlogs

Once you realize your lungs have transformed that gills exist where your humanity fades you become a fearless creature treading where you doubted finding no place that does not belong to you what goes bump in the night fears you when it feels the pressure wave of your approach you transform fearless into the powerful … Continue reading Fearless #MondayBlogs

Chanter #MondayBlogs

Raise up your voice forte without fear do not silence yourself for the comfort of others raise your voice in harmony with your tribe or in counterpoint to your opposition for life is a song and you were meant to sing stepping to center stage and feeling the music flow through you - Caroline A. … Continue reading Chanter #MondayBlogs

Driving #MondayBlogs

Driving into the stars chasing night’s distant light perpetual forward motion into all of the sparkle and fire Driving into the stars we climb beyond our limits find the fire within ourselves and join that celestial light - Caroline A. Slee

Crisis #MondayBlogs

We hang on the sharp edge of emergency and danger strong fingers holding fast to slippery ledges We create our own crises one missed opportunity at a time rushing through boundaries and ignoring all warnings Until at last we choose peace a slower pace a life now spent living in full breath and full hope … Continue reading Crisis #MondayBlogs

Misted Skies #MondayBlogs

The sky wars with the sea trapped between salt air and arid waves undecided between the fire and the cool the world dons her veils of mists and steams drowning the sun all-consuming until mountains are washed away above a desert obscured - Caroline A. Slee

The Gauntlet #MondayBlogs

Something remembers the screaming battles and chaos-driven fields a distant bell sounds and memory awakens screaming ancestors wielding impossible swords something remembers bloody battlefields the victories missed the lives lost a distant voice whispers war and memory awakens forcing our hands shifting our paths as we don our armor make our stand and know we … Continue reading The Gauntlet #MondayBlogs

Blanketing Skies #MondayBlogs

Sunrise swallowed whole by the greedy dust kicked up into storms a vanished sea gone in a snap consumed by starving winds forever unsatisfied blanketing skies sinking down until the world has gone away blanketing skies muffling the hours ending both the night and the day - Caroline A. Slee

Headfirst #MondayBlogs

The time for caution has moved behind us a thing of the past the small lives swept inside boxes and lines expand into the world stepping outside expectation we plunge headfirst into the present moment starting the wave that will become future self - Caroline A. Slee

Horseshoes #MondayBlogs

Entrapped devils bargain for freedom rushing through promises of anything and everything while skill and talent look on in judgment knowing peace in the trap well-laid - Caroline A. Slee