Lamplight #MondayBlogs

A change of view

Tally Marks #MondayBlogs

Mark the tasks monitor the progress trace the years that move ever faster measure the pace and consider the ground deliberate each choice without a snap impulse or leap without looking and live without fear exuberant and joyful with each new day life is a fierce celebration of grit and will a smile that returns … Continue reading Tally Marks #MondayBlogs

Progress #MondayBlogs

Progress Muscles shake as lungs burn the fire before the breath every day a small step closer to freeing the trapped self progress is a journey not a treadmill nor a wheel but a somewhere our inner compass takes us though we travel without sight we cannot see nor measure the gradual movement we only … Continue reading Progress #MondayBlogs

Tentative #MondayBlogs

Uncertainty makes us gentle a soft touch to weigh the step tentative movement to avoid surprises we ease ourselves into new circumstances cautiously light on our feet leaving behind the bravado of the bull in the china shop life humbles our stride as wisdom warns of the pitfalls ahead but still we walk on - … Continue reading Tentative #MondayBlogs

Prevail #MondayBlogs

My legs may grow tired but I will prevail after rest and moments of weakness I will push onward though the path may be a climb unsteady and uneven I will be dogged I will be fierce I will pull from my own stubbornness and reach for my destination the life we build a sort … Continue reading Prevail #MondayBlogs

Cleansing #MondayBlogs

Cleansing We make way for magic shifting the electricity in the air beyond retrograde and into reunions with those who came before we prepare our spaces cleansing the air purging our lives of all we no longer wish to carry feeling the build-up to wildness and freedom as once more we dance and live unabashed … Continue reading Cleansing #MondayBlogs

Minor Keys #MondayBlogs

Minor Keys The music plays harmonious and sweet full of hope and bright futures and predictable progressions the music begins in a major key saving its discordant notes to jar us into confusion after the lull of happiness the minor keys creep in sowing fear and sharp nerves finding the pain inside each body and … Continue reading Minor Keys #MondayBlogs