Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

The skies will lead us home or away navigators at heart drawn to the place we seek we stand on shores or gaze from mountains always pulled by that North Star the sun and moon and stars map the world and the seasons for harvest or for rest and we follow their guidance with our … Continue reading Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs


The sea within me dreams of the sky stretching upward to return to the moon the sea within me is set aglow pulled into the cycle that shapes the nights the sea within me dreams of the sky rising to the heavens on the moon’s tide - Caroline A. Slee


The sky’s fire shades the moon a harvest to come as we rest below - The solstice fire colors the night sky pulling the moon like the tide to a far horizon - Caroline A. Slee

Moonlight at Dawn

The moon holds the sky As the sun climbs ever higher Two opposing elements Steadfast, together The moon shines down upon us Sinking before that fiery star And we set aside dreams Until the quiet, dark hours Return ~ Caroline A. Slee

Carl Sandburg #FridayPhilosophy

“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.” - Carl Sandburg


My breath is the wave An ocean rising with the moon I am the tide Flowing over surfaces unseen And the wave flows back out to sea Abandoning the shore Oceanic, cloaked in human form ~ Caroline A. Slee

On the Sea

I see the moon Refracted infinitely Reflected over ripples and waves She guides night's sailors Over calm seas I see the moon Rising into midnight Smiling her benevolence Down upon us Sinner or saint alike I see the moon As I stand between worlds At the edge of the water Ready to slip my skin … Continue reading On the Sea

Autumn Calling

Somewhere, the air frosts the breath In a distant North The skies ready themselves For winter's rush In that far-off It is sweater weather And oceans are gunmetal Underneath monochromatic sky We come alive With the least bite of a chill And nights cocoon us In a bed of auburn leaves We rest here, waiting … Continue reading Autumn Calling

Triumphant #wwwblogs

She has tasted defeat More often than anyone sees But always She returns She is more than human More than mortal Stars swim within her skin And her minds opens like galaxies Who would ever dare Reduce her to nothing Treat her as object When she is power Wandering the earth On two legs Such … Continue reading Triumphant #wwwblogs

The Medium

In dreams I fly without will carried on wings unseen I stand before the fire in a home unknown as logs break and shower sparks over a stone hearth Snow falls onto the water and trees cast shadows where mysteries die before sunlight The moon shifts the lake into midnight glass a gazing ball holding … Continue reading The Medium