Repetition #MondayBlogs

Musical thinking for #MondayBlogs


Music flows throughout the hours a melody threading throughout the mind we create our own accompaniment a rhythm to our steps a tune to carry us home we sing our own song as it plays on its loop comfort and chaos rising through the chords music flows in the blood, lives in the bone music … Continue reading Earworms

Retro #wwwblogs

Photo by Pixabay on I sometimes miss the clattering of type another type of music as my fingers played spinning tangible stories as pages came to life remembering late hours and a single lamp over my audible efforts - Caroline A. Slee

Earworms #MondayBlogs

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Music carries us into an elsewhere far from surrounding reality sinking into soft dreams or rising into a fight song we travel finding a new mood when sorrow overtakes us finding another world and melting through time music carries us into our new selves a song that plays without … Continue reading Earworms #MondayBlogs

The Keys

Hours spent creating beauty Sending music off into the air Like so many prayers Drifting away on perfumed smoke But now the keys are challenge As fingers struggle over their silky surface The melodies sink heavy That former lightness just a relic of another time Harmonies crash like cymbals As every chord becomes effort The … Continue reading The Keys

Sing #wwwblogs

There are seasons of silence A peculiar deafness That muffles the music There is a grief In those days As voice is stilled We lose identity And a spark we call joy When the songs no longer play But, oh, the magic Of the rebellious spirit Who faces those muted days And begins to sing … Continue reading Sing #wwwblogs

Lost in the Song

When rainy days fall And the music breathes Holding my heart Along lyrics and chords The shiver of poetry Once it has begun to dance A freedom like flight A moment of living As a winged creature Slipping across the floor And out of this world Reality dimmed into Dreamy lighting And flickering candles A … Continue reading Lost in the Song

The Chatterbox…#MondayBlogs

There's a chatterbox living in my brain. Her voice is a combination of my own, and the words of (what seems to be) every book I have ever read. Lately, I really need that voice to shut the hell up. Sometimes, that many words flowing all the time are nothing but a huge distraction. And … Continue reading The Chatterbox…#MondayBlogs

Writing as Meditation…#MondayBlogs

With as much time as we writers spend on words: reading them, writing them, editing them, and re-writing them, the idea of meditation with words probably sounds crazy. Okay, maybe it's a little crazy. ┬áJust bear with me a moment here. When most of the time we spend with words is plot driven or character … Continue reading Writing as Meditation…#MondayBlogs