Rambles #MondayBlogs

New trails call us and we roam freely striding out into bounty forests or deserts or seaside sands our rambles lead us home point us in our new direction when the beaten path no longer holds appeal - Caroline A. Slee

Into the Wind

We set our prow into the wind setting fast against the storm riding every wave glimpsing sky between towering walls battened down and tied in committed to the journey no matter our fear - Caroline A. Slee

Spice and Shift

Even the air carried a new scent as the wild in us returns ready to run the woods and howl at the moon in season shift and autumn’s energy - Caroline A. Slee

Santa Anas Rising

The night winds rise coming in hot carrying the fire of the desert sun the Santa Anas are rising to promise season’s change a blast of heat and desert dry carried on their breath - Caroline A. Slee

Breaking Autumn #MondayBlogs

Somewhere the leaves turn dancing before rain burnished by the wind copper beneath the sky Somewhere the winds shift bringing down an arctic chill cooling a planet on fire moving us into transition Somewhere is another me parallel to this life in the here and now donning a sweater against the dawn as autumn breaks … Continue reading Breaking Autumn #MondayBlogs


Around the corner or cast upon a far shore treasures wait for our weary eyes to uncover them - Caroline A. Slee


Eventually we shall disappear our monuments our roads our almighty infrastructure our footsteps shall be wiped away a clean slate as Earth reclaims her own the sand and the seas crowd in upon us taking back the spaces that belong to them they make the only lasting mark nature laughs at the folly of humanity … Continue reading Lasting

Sunfire #MondayBlogs

The sky burns summer steadfast wilting our green drying every surface leaving us desiccated seeking the mirages - Caroline A. Slee

All of the Sunrises

When the dawn comes I can be found watching the sun rise over the sea the clouds are fires and pastels and thunder as the road cuts through rough desert all of the sunrises paint themselves visions and dreams to memories on that lonely highway that passes the sea dreaming beneath the sunrise waiting for … Continue reading All of the Sunrises


The soil waits calling for rain spending a season at rest emptying itself to be renewed - Caroline A. Slee