The Bay #MondayBlogs

The world closes off as we move towards the shore distant ships following invisible lanes another supply run to a faraway land As morning waves invite play swim, and surf and outriggers as bodies move in poetry the daily ballet of light casting its spell on the shore and calling us all to worship - … Continue reading The Bay #MondayBlogs

A View

Silvered fronds dancing in wind and sun salt heavy on the air crystal upon the skin hulled out volcanoes greening the countryside as rain comes and goes in its daily clock all of the blues shine in a single expanse until the world ends at the limit of vision - Caroline A. Slee


The sky weighs down upon us a sticky heat clinging to the skin the horizon vanished beyond the rippling mirage that tells us relief is on its way the bitter lie of the desert summer the humid air without a drop of rain the unbroken fire pouring down upon us as only time brings its … Continue reading Sticky

The Frogs Are Singing #MondayBlogs

I miss the lively nights sparkling with fireflies while the frogs sing - our mountain owl has fled the desert for cooler climes and darker skies - the coyotes slumber refusing the music of their haunting choir in favor of the shade of darkened dens tucked far away - I miss the lively nights though … Continue reading The Frogs Are Singing #MondayBlogs


I like to step outside the world away from the noise the chaos of cities and streets walking onto beach sand climbing foothills wandering into forests seeking distance, perspective, peace a separation from the mob that drives society within the quiet, new winds speak and night whispers comfort into our souls I find myself restored … Continue reading Panoramas


The sky’s fire shades the moon a harvest to come as we rest below - The solstice fire colors the night sky pulling the moon like the tide to a far horizon - Caroline A. Slee

Busy Skies

Beneath unforgiving heat the sky becomes a crowd a congregation ready to worship or scatter carried by their whims chasing currents to lift them higher birds take wing across these busy skies calling into the summer sun - Caroline A. Slee

Without End

The world stretches beyond our gaze beyond our thoughts a reaching ocean an endless embrace trailing over distant shores reconnecting us to who we were - Caroline A. Slee

Vantage Point

The sea twins the sky colors of dawn rise across the water as the clouds are painted in a rosy peace the city awakens emerging from the dark hours ready to meet each other once more the sea holds the sunrise in its mythical embrace as day creeps across the morning sky - Caroline A. … Continue reading Vantage Point

The Sleeping Sea

Dark clouds shimmer pink fire as the sea sinks to flatness and low tides no green flashes or vanishing horizons night hints its own arrival moonless and still a calm we forget during the daylight rush a sleeping sea to lull us to sweet dreams - Caroline A. Slee