Quiet Comforts

When you protect your peace

Hurricane Hilary and Daily Life #MondayBlogs

Hurricane Hilary and Daily Life #MondayBlogs Well, it's definitely not poetry today! 🙂 My tiny slice of the California desert experienced a tropical storm last weekend, from Hurricane Hilary moving through Baja. In places accustomed to weather, or even just some regular rain, the storm itself would have been inconsequential. But, in a desert, we … Continue reading Hurricane Hilary and Daily Life #MondayBlogs

The Oceans Rise

The Oceans Rise The oceans rise lifted on the winds carrying the salt to cover our skin the oceans rise to crash onto shores pushed into a surge beneath the rotating skies we wait for the eye that moment of quiet as the oceans rise pulled into a white fury synchronized with the storm - … Continue reading The Oceans Rise

The Water and the Sky

The water and the sky bless us with air and flowers and beauty a song of prayer that flows through us as we become one with the water and the sky we connect our roots to the axis that shifts us through the universe a part of the fire of the stars a creation as … Continue reading The Water and the Sky

Winter Brightness

A touch of gratitude for winter’s transformation