A Sunrise in Grey and Blue

Waking up to storms and clouds

Autumn Bonfires

Even the gods celebrate winter’s approach setting fire to the sky as dusk comes casting clouds to cool the sun for these autumn bonfires as nights stretch long into morning - Caroline A. Slee

Pretty Poison

Danger lurks everywhere often right before our eyes so much pretty poison ready for any grasping hand we pride ourselves on our dominion over everything we see while sweet blooms hold that pretty poison at the ready for us to falter it is never the error that costs the mistakes are not the source of … Continue reading Pretty Poison


The flowers bloom opening wide as the air cools at last and the bees get to work industrious at dawn as flowers salute the sun and turn their faces East the sweetest things created with time and the elements and not a little bit of danger as nature’s cycle orbits we follow her rhythm - … Continue reading Honey


We celebrate the seasons grateful for each shift something of our ancestors rising through our memories the body knows the rhythms of nature and shifting climes as we toil in modernity while leaves turn and let go we celebrate the seasons but tame the wildness within as day and night share the hours and the … Continue reading Mabon


The world beyond our walls waits for no one but remains in its wildness holding life in its greenery teeming with music from the trees never resting in its movement - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Sami Anas on Pexels.com Vibration When distraction falls away and human voices fade nature speaks her language a rhythm like a pulse an ancient heartbeat drums a vibration layered over everything something we can only hear when we turn our listening inward when distraction falls away the Mother speaks to us whispering through … Continue reading Vibration


Pastoral peace wandering off track far distant Doppler sirens remind us of the world that waits while church bells echo to mark the day and the river flows impassive immune to our presence - Caroline A. Slee

The Sun Will Set

The sun will set upon us all whether we will more hours into being or rue the hours their length The sun will set upon the world in our separate stages and spaces chasing time around the globe The sun will set to close the chapter to push us to take up our pens and … Continue reading The Sun Will Set