The world beyond our walls waits for no one but remains in its wildness holding life in its greenery teeming with music from the trees never resting in its movement - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Sami Anas on Vibration When distraction falls away and human voices fade nature speaks her language a rhythm like a pulse an ancient heartbeat drums a vibration layered over everything something we can only hear when we turn our listening inward when distraction falls away the Mother speaks to us whispering through … Continue reading Vibration


Pastoral peace wandering off track far distant Doppler sirens remind us of the world that waits while church bells echo to mark the day and the river flows impassive immune to our presence - Caroline A. Slee

The Sun Will Set

The sun will set upon us all whether we will more hours into being or rue the hours their length The sun will set upon the world in our separate stages and spaces chasing time around the globe The sun will set to close the chapter to push us to take up our pens and … Continue reading The Sun Will Set


The balance tips a shift in power our time is at an end the Earth goes on casting us out rejecting the dominion we have claimed the wilderness returns by slow inches at the start until nature holds sway over sea, soil, and sky the balance tips towards the inevitable washing our tracks away - … Continue reading Dominion

Blanketing Skies #MondayBlogs

Sunrise swallowed whole by the greedy dust kicked up into storms a vanished sea gone in a snap consumed by starving winds forever unsatisfied blanketing skies sinking down until the world has gone away blanketing skies muffling the hours ending both the night and the day - Caroline A. Slee

Wave By Wave

Photo by MARCO DE ASSIS on Wave By Wave It is time to cast ourselves into the waiting seas to weather storms and rising tides afloat in an ocean alone it is time to gather our courage and set out into the unexpected resisting our resistance to change and to the new before we … Continue reading Wave By Wave

Flyaway Day

A temporary blindness as we fight to move ahead swaying like a boxer dancing against an opponent an invisible enemy battering our limbs as we brace and bend into the onslaught - Caroline A. Slee

Rain and Wolves

The hunters approach by the light of the moon as rain builds and cloaks the sky the rain falls gentle upon thirsting fields misting the air into a shroud I wear wild calls shatter the night the full wolf moon removed, above it all as Earth regains her own despite us - Caroline A. Slee


Words written on the sky in starlight to guide us quaking aspens shivering in the chill mountainsides as mirrors brightened by snow Sending our messages upward heavenward skyward a song meant to get through - Caroline A. Slee