New Year’s

Our days begin at sunset as harvest is gathered and the fields are emptied the old gods wander overseeing our work as we prepare the soil for winter’s darkness we stand midway between the seasons the fallow months meant for us to ready ourselves with gratitude and planning we ring in the new year carefully … Continue reading New Year’s


I despise New Year's Resolutions. Really, you can make a new resolution at any moment. I'm a huge fan of Mondays: resolve to start something new, or renew your discipline. Pick any Monday. Go for it. However, with my Halloween birthday and then the holidays, I do a sort of two part annual "taking stock … Continue reading Semantics…#MondayBlogs

New Year and New Directions

I don't mean resolutions - and I don't mean anything too drastic. For 2015, I want to play a "mind game" with myself. I'm typically a very positive person, but I'd like to meditate on that positive on a daily basis. There's really nothing I want to give up, and I'm extremely happy with how … Continue reading New Year and New Directions