Baby steps…#MondayBlogs

Short, but sweet tonight. Today was another 6 month follow up with my oncologist. I've been so looking forward to graduating to that 1 visit per year stage that I was pretty disappointed when some of my labs didn't let that happen six months ago. Today, the labs were on the money. I'm over 5 … Continue reading Baby steps…#MondayBlogs

The Almost Graduation, & Two Different Perspectives #MondayBlogs

From the annals of breast cancer, through the eyes of my children.

Universal Reminders…#MondayBlogs

Universal, as in "from the Universe," as opposed to, let's say, something we ALL receive in the exact same way. I'm going for my oncology follow-up in 1 week. This is the usual look-see that my doctor has to verify that I am still in remission. Although I love hearing that I am (every single … Continue reading Universal Reminders…#MondayBlogs

Philosophies for the Everyday…

There are moments we all must stop to stare into the face of our own fear. These are the moments when we have an opportunity to recognize the difference between fear on the instinctual level (which helps us survive) and fear that results from overthinking (I maintain the overthinking fear is a killer). It's a … Continue reading Philosophies for the Everyday…