The light is hard to catch no more than a shapeless glow just beyond reach in a world without depth perception the scene fades from view shifting focus before eyes can catch up a blurred view as pain drives the road ahead pushing life into vague impressions fogging the glass of the mind slowing thought … Continue reading Blurred

Jorie Graham #FridayPhilosophy

"Touch pain with great curiosity." - Jorie Graham

Heavy Clouds

The morning becomes a symphony of pain With cymbals crashing behind my eyes As the headache builds to a crescendo I seek the calm of breath, my own movement to legato Punctuated by uncomfortable intrusions My mind feels covered Enveloped in heavy clouds That will never let the rain fall And I wish for rest … Continue reading Heavy Clouds

Therapy #MondayBlogs

Sun reflected over water A world in double The calm washing over me As land falls away ~ Breath stills to rhythm A pulse driving motion And my blood cools enough That I could weep with relief ~ In this strange prayer and celebration As I seek the isolation Of that underwater world The body … Continue reading Therapy #MondayBlogs


The body remembers Muscle memory its own force Building drive once more Until motivation And desire Overcome fear And pain falls by the wayside In the face of the rush The exhilaration Of that push That burn into a finish That is never final - Caroline A. Slee

Driving Force #wwwblogs

It was never comfort That drove me No soft dream To open the door But a pain That never subsided Until I ruled it And created it The screaming lungs The pounding heart The burning in all limbs Until the pain Submitted And admitted defeat Beneath the fire Of my drive And my desire - … Continue reading Driving Force #wwwblogs

Stop Signs

When we were young No one warned us That language shifts In the world of adults: Where pain means push through And fatigue means It is time to keep going. It is a world of opposites Where rest is an insult And pain is weakness To be overcome. - Caroline A. Slee

Walls #MondayBlogs

Perhaps I am a warning sign All barred windows And crumbling walls Something from a horror film. But even those crumbling walls Are walled off from sight Until every layer Of this onion Is made of brick and mortar And beyond it all Safely hidden Is a pain too deep to speak. It sets itself … Continue reading Walls #MondayBlogs


Suffering creates the silhouette And pain delineates the substance We are all un-sculpted stone rough hewn Plain in our rawness Beautiful - once hammered and chiseled and worn

Friday Philosophy…Pain

It seems a fitting topic, post-surgery. Pain is this strange and mind-altering experience. I think it is safe to say that, as a nation, we are in pain right now. When I was released from the hospital, all I heard was news about police shootings and then a sniper shooting at police. For the duration … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Pain