Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com Power flows word by word a page alight with ideas magic unfurls word by word a spell to spark imagination speak the truth though it may be dark and brighten it with your voice freedom opens word by word casting all chains aside - Caroline A. Slee


We begin to forget the work of our hands the act of creation we hold within us what sweet satisfaction comes with the transformation of the idle into the beautiful we are all artists on our strange journeys finding a path forward sometimes without light but our hands hold power whether we use it or … Continue reading Progress

Shade #wwwblogs

The road ahead grows longer in the shade Stripes stretching angles across our path Air holds its stillness, the meditation of the wild As the ground catches our footfalls beneath us We breathe in the life that abounds Whisper a gratitude to the trees Prayers rise from the richness of the soil Tracing through our … Continue reading Shade #wwwblogs

Tumult #wwwblogs

In a world of contrasts We root ourselves Plant our feet And cling to the peace We long to find ~ While the skies rage Pouring over us Testing our mettle And muddying our view ~ But the storm will pass And the path will clear As we stand fast In our truth Unbowed ~ … Continue reading Tumult #wwwblogs

Dimness #WWWBlogs

The light casts its tiny glow Upon the oppressive gloom With dark skies above And darkness around us That spark of hope Seems all the brighter So bright we forget We are living flames We need only catch fire With our purpose and our power To cast the dimness away - Caroline A. Slee


Let her be silent For playthings Have no voice. Let her form Be pleasing To men around her. Let the standards Expected be impossible, To push Her humanity down. Remember this When she rises up: Her voice will be millions strong; Her memories will be long; The scars from men Will run deep. Though she … Continue reading Woman

Les Mots #InternationalPoetryDay

The words saved me Pulling me away Into adventures I could not imagine Taking me to places My eyes had never seen The words were magic Casting visions Of beauty and bliss No matter the world around me Words create Worlds and wonders A beginning to everything Weaving reality With their power ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Les Mots #InternationalPoetryDay

Electric ~ #MondayBlogs

Power electrifies the body a current giving rise to heat Tapping into it shifts reality and tears the limits apart We become incandescent more fiery than the flame As we revel in the flow of magic rushing through the blood With wisdom and practice the thrill still visits itself upon us And we give ourselves … Continue reading Electric ~ #MondayBlogs

Magic Born

Life-giving light a warmth meant to comfort The fires the demand respect and discipline Wonder dancing along the fingertips Like the dancing flame at play upon the air Magic in its essence childlike fun and awe as we realize inner power - Caroline A. Slee

What’s In a Name? ~ #wwwblogs

Choice is a powerful force for transformation taking a dilemma existential at its best and shifting it into a young woman's voice once cautious, nearly timid emerging from the name a man gave her into the name she has chosen stepping into her power a reckoning held before open ears crossing the lines constructed for … Continue reading What’s In a Name? ~ #wwwblogs