Beyond Babies…#MondayBlogs

When I was growing up, I thought I would never have children. It's not that I didn't want children. No, I had elaborate adoption plans - which baby at which of my ages/homes/etc. Labor and delivery? No way! No, thank you. Never going to happen. Things change. I went from that attitude, to the queen … Continue reading Beyond Babies…#MondayBlogs

I Am Not Angelina Jolie…#MondayBlogs

Whether or not you believe that Angelina Jolie's recent health decisions were based in a huge marketing scheme for a gene patent, there is another side to the entire story. Actually, more than one "other side" to that whole story. This is just my experience, my side, of what can take place. I am just … Continue reading I Am Not Angelina Jolie…#MondayBlogs