Strenuous #MondayBlogs

Purpose starts the climb setting us on our paths we spend hours even days protesting the journey as we move higher our words lie while our actions act as proof for while purpose sets us free in our pursuit it is grit that lifts us continually from one goal to the next - Caroline A. … Continue reading Strenuous #MondayBlogs


It is time to step outside expectation beyond the schedule into the magic of creation and potential leaving behind the hoops we jumped the flames that honed us moving into future with intention purpose driven by what lives inside us to find our own way - Caroline A. Slee

Dimness #WWWBlogs

The light casts its tiny glow Upon the oppressive gloom With dark skies above And darkness around us That spark of hope Seems all the brighter So bright we forget We are living flames We need only catch fire With our purpose and our power To cast the dimness away - Caroline A. Slee

Taking Aim…Tuesday Thoughts

My friend's mom shares a thought for the day with her each morning. At that point, my friend usually sends the thought of the day to me, because I love each and every one of them. On Sunday, she shared the following: "To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you … Continue reading Taking Aim…Tuesday Thoughts