The Memory of Water #MondayBlogs

Life during a drought


Each day brings a warning with a promise of rain looming threats in rushing water too fast for the thirsty soil to gather what it needs the mountains weep as roads wash away while we remain in safety here on the desert floor without a drop of water - Caroline A. Slee


There are no little falls of rain Nor the promise of soft rains to come Instead the downpour Rushes earthward through the night The thirsty desert Stricken by drought And its own arid nature Cannot contain the bounty Instead, the waters rise Transforming the desert sands Into a flood plain Nature shows her teeth: A … Continue reading Rushing


A world upside down As the desert Bursts into blossom Wildflowers and rain Building transformation The winds carry a chill As we chase the day A steely silver monochrome Replaces all the shades Of sunlight The desert turns Into tears A liquid world As the sands drink greedily Every falling drop And we dance Between … Continue reading Arid