We wander through a sorrowful harvest:one that leaves the survivorsbetween two worlds. We listen to the shouts of angry men:voices without compassiondriven by unseen motivation. They guide us down a Darwinian path:choosing a cullingthat does not come for them. They push us into divided skirmish:conquering and feedingtheir own dark desires. What profit, what pleasuredrives these … Continue reading Scythes


A sight to behold tandem marching voices quiet a unison chant in a domino world first one place triggering the next revolution until at last we are set free ~ Caroline A. Slee


We are the daughters of ancient ways we carry our power through our blood We are the daughters of revolution and rebels Immovable in the face of oppression We are the daughters who forge a new path in a world still seeking our silence

Plain Sight

We hide within the congregation within the status quo Rebellious hearts ready to be change makers We carry the flag fists upraised a chorus One song prepared to fight joining the revolution A moral call to remember to refuse oppression A history enlightened the rising of the light


Revolution comes in the silence of the songwriters and the slant of the poets Revolution comes in the quiet conversation and unity We become change when we change ourselves the base status quo within our powerful grasp Revolution will come through the lens of a camera the gaze of the masses As they paint a … Continue reading Rising