Everyday Ritual

A little bit of self-care ♥️

Rituals #wwwblogs

There is always a spooky magic to be feared those mystic rituals that invoke terror ~ All whispered in rumors hyped in suggestion a hint that witches might live among us ~ Ritual is practice simplicity itself the small ceremony we have to create joy: The morning coffee, the quiet hours, the blank pages filled … Continue reading Rituals #wwwblogs


Tidal rhythms In pace with nature Driven to dance Earth against our feet The sky invites us Upward As we leave worry behind We shed modernity That shelter for misogyny We flow with the mother The first faith Poetry is born In the magic hours Rising in secret Against the law of men We dance … Continue reading Ritual

Rituals and Routines…

I am a creature of habit. I love greeting the sunrise with my coffee outdoors: just the quiet, the green, and my dogs. It's my morning ritual, and I treasure it. In the evening, after the little ones have gone to bed, I have my quiet time in the kitchen. I grant you, that quiet … Continue reading Rituals and Routines…