Dark Highways

Lane lines flicker in the glare of our headlights as we cut the darkness like a knife chasing taillights over the distance the dark highways call me to drive to journey to grip the wheel and remember when I was wild and answered the call of the road whenever the song whispered for me - … Continue reading Dark Highways

The Song Calls Me

We have stayed too long without motion or flight a flat landscape of the known constantly meeting our eyes the road is a song waiting for us to hear and the song calls me to explore once more an imagined world of beauty and chaos needing only to be discovered ~ Caroline A. Slee

Road Songs

It isn't at all new It isn't some grand discovery Since looms were undone Under cover of darkness The road has called us Some singers make it metaphor Life as a ribbon of blacktop Rolling through years Still others use the grade To score the difficulty Of a season But I see it as the … Continue reading Road Songs