There were miles Meant to clear my head Soothe my fears And shift me Back into myself Miles spent alone A moving meditation That one clear thing That was my own But the miles Must be shared And my hours Must be divided So long as none Are ever spent in that silence again I … Continue reading Stages

Sprint #MondayBlogs

The road is buried In darkness And still I ready myself Excuses cast aside And perfection Slapped down once more The minutes precious Each sip of air Fueling my limbs In forward motion The day will race Before me But I will run To meet it Though my steps Have slowed And what was once … Continue reading Sprint #MondayBlogs


The moment Stretches long Lungs filling The anticipation Of movement And the familiar scenes Transformed Before my eyes ~ Caroline A. Slee


As we race Ever further Ahead into each tomorrow Follow, follow Do not be left behind The path may wind Or the world open wider Still, follow Our steps increase Lengthening stride Borrowing from the wild Until we leap Sure-footed climbing Follow us Upward The reward Exceeds the struggle And the breathtaking result Fills the … Continue reading Follow

Vast #wwwblogs

Endless skies to chase As my feet dream Their way across the ground Through fields as far As that horizon can hold One distant finish line Awaiting our time To reach it ~ Caroline A. Slee

Pace #wwwblogs

So much time is spent In high gear In the frenetic pace Of "go, go, go" The calm comes In rare breaths: An empty trail A snoozing pup Or laughter and music Between children And my mind Hurries onward To always more tasks Until self Becomes the sole task The space between breaths The rhythm … Continue reading Pace #wwwblogs

Planting ~ #MondayBlogs

Grounded My roots have spread Wider than the sky Grounded The seasons move me In diurnal rhythms Grounded Lighter on my feet Flinging myself into the next moment Grounded My familiar covered In new forests and rushing waters Grounded Lifeblood filling my limbs Kicking my feet into blurred motion Grounded Carrying home Within my own … Continue reading Planting ~ #MondayBlogs

Badlands #MondayBlogs

No magic spell Can give us flight Simple and endless steps Move us forward There was a dream Nearly a metaphor That drove us into desolation A God within Whispering possibilities Into our listening hearts It is not the body That wins the race Nor the mind solely But a spiritual revelation That draws us … Continue reading Badlands #MondayBlogs

Adventures #wwwblog

There is a world waiting beyond the borders of what we live each day An expansiveness to fill the lungs and set the heart to overflowing It begins with nothing more than a single thought, nurtured into a dream Until that wishful moment becomes a plan, and a plan becomes action A single step, a … Continue reading Adventures #wwwblog

New Vistas

In a dream I heard the sea flowing through the wheat fields Inviting me in to swim amongst the crops There is a world my eyes have never seen and paths my feet long to travel a race against myself In a world I've never seen my feet will dance a double time racing amongst … Continue reading New Vistas