The geometry of all Shades of a sacred pattern Overlooked When it does not align With a world of colors We prefer We sing praises as we turn our backs Pretending virtue In judgment and neglect Forgetting the sacred Held within each of us We forsake the other All others On flimsy excuses Willfully ignorant … Continue reading Sacred

New Vistas

In a dream I heard the sea flowing through the wheat fields Inviting me in to swim amongst the crops There is a world my eyes have never seen and paths my feet long to travel a race against myself In a world I've never seen my feet will dance a double time racing amongst … Continue reading New Vistas


We are the sacred life that flows through my sisters and I we birth worlds and create new dreams we are nations and unity and roots we have souls that cannot be minimized and flesh and bone and blood which occupy a place in the world and outside of it We are spirit hidden within … Continue reading Sisterhood…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Sacred

Since it's a Sunday, I'm sure you've noticed I'm still living in a Friday. 😉 I think our traditional definition of sacred, as a society, may be a teensy bit limited. In my opinion, there are miraculous and sacred moments and events and things everywhere, all day long. Hence, this blog post on the sacred. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Sacred