We celebrate the seasons grateful for each shift something of our ancestors rising through our memories the body knows the rhythms of nature and shifting climes as we toil in modernity while leaves turn and let go we celebrate the seasons but tame the wildness within as day and night share the hours and the … Continue reading Mabon

The Longest Season #MondayBlogs

We begin to long for winter as time plays tricks on itself summer’s end never came though the calendar promised a change or a shift from the fire of the season we find ourselves waiting for a new season that does not come soon, we are told, soon but change does not come the heat … Continue reading The Longest Season #MondayBlogs

Shifting Seasons

We find moments of autumn As spring emerges A gentle reminder That the cycle continues. In the day-to-day when we may feel burdened The seasons Are always shifting: Nurturing us In their rhythm Carrying us forward On changing winds - Caroline A. Slee

The Wild Moon

Bacchanalia across night skies stars falling and the moon twisting round As nocturnal creatures leave their dens trekking through solitary openness The wild moon calls like to like as the earth begins the shift between seasons And our blood begins a drumbeat of anticipation and change as life floods back from the longest nights