Couch Corners

I could vanish into soft corners coffee and quiet and a cushioned darkness I could melt back into couch corners a disappearing act when the day is too full I could dream through chaotic hours tucked in my corner safe and calm Finding comfort finding peace in the everyday space - Caroline A. Slee

Grounding #MondayBlogs

Just breathe into the universe acceptance and letting go with each cycle inhaling the calm releasing the clutter struggling forward into self-care despite the battle of distractions and tasks just breathe and be in the moment that is everything we find grounding in our far-reaching roots - Caroline A. Slee

Self Care and Writing #MondayBlogs

I'm an only child. As an only child, I feel that I can weigh in a bit on the numerous opinions on only children. 🙂 I didn't feel like a "Lonely Only," but I was quite comfortable with my own company. And, of course, the company I found in my books - there were universes … Continue reading Self Care and Writing #MondayBlogs