Finding the Dawn

The skies will not break From the heat that clings to night And the sun gives no apologies For the condition of the Earth We toil and burn in repetition With apologies for our own suffering Accepting shame that should not be Walking paths planned for us The skies will not break The skies will … Continue reading Finding the Dawn

Truth Telling…#MondayBlogs

Inner censors: a tumble of anxious whispers Fury rises as words reach a roadblock a lump in my throat I carry a scream that wants to explode onto the page Gushing like an artery opened with surgical precision I am the anti-hero the monster under the bed my own inner demon Burdened by all the … Continue reading Truth Telling…#MondayBlogs


Victim Blaming:
1. The act of blaming a victim of a crime or wrongful act for the harm that befell them.
2. The choice to be a soulless creep.