Two Faces

I know silence is the expectation not my cheerful babble smoothing the waves I balance the boat with my words and with my explanations justified against a world that wants me to shrink I hide within words confuse the enemy with each sentence a camouflage in plain sight meant to oppose the stifling of my … Continue reading Two Faces


We have shifted into silence A communion Fingers in the soil And labors distantly remembered We have shifted into silence Stepping softly Into each dawn We taste the air And touch the sky Reverent We have shifted into silence In the moment of breath In the moment of birth Creation begins In the seeds of … Continue reading Pianissimo

Sing #wwwblogs

There are seasons of silence A peculiar deafness That muffles the music There is a grief In those days As voice is stilled We lose identity And a spark we call joy When the songs no longer play But, oh, the magic Of the rebellious spirit Who faces those muted days And begins to sing … Continue reading Sing #wwwblogs

The Weaker #wwwblogs

I dream beyond Outside these walls Without limits Shedding the skin That casts me as weaker Finding the simple Twisted through the complications Of endless chatter Words falling without meaning Meant only to drown Opposing voices I dream beyond The silence Expected of me The perfectly pleasing I leave unfulfilled Reveling instead In the dreaming … Continue reading The Weaker #wwwblogs


We are the daughters of ancient ways we carry our power through our blood We are the daughters of revolution and rebels Immovable in the face of oppression We are the daughters who forge a new path in a world still seeking our silence

The Power of Silence…#MondayBlogs

Days are endless loops of chatter In the stores On the streets Passing down crowded halls Until a wildness calls Bringing us outward Into a remote nothing Without human voices We drown in the busy-ness Our words tangle into confusion The magic we cast Is forgotten in half-truths And convenient phrasing Meter and rhyme and … Continue reading The Power of Silence…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Silence

Ironic topic for a wordy person, yes? People have said that silence is golden. Silence is a statement, and can speak more loudly than all of the words in the world. With that being said, here are some thoughts on silence. 🙂 “We went down into the silent garden. Dawn is the time when nothing … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Silence

Friday Philosophy In Whispers…

When you want to write a blog post on silence (oxymoronic, I know) it is hard to come up with a "catchy" title. 🙂 I've been thinking about peace and quiet lately - perhaps because my children are on their Spring Holiday - and wanted to share some quotable quotes on the topic of silence. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy In Whispers…