Falling and Sinking

In dreams my lungs fill with water yet I do not drown the ship sinks below waves but still sails onward dreams of flight and falling fade as water overtakes me terror and acceptance as one drifting away from the sky - Caroline A. Slee

Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Photo by Rachel Xiao on Pexels.com Our dreams were too heavy a burden unbearable weighing down the world with each ponderous step Our dreams were too heavy sinking beneath the waves an endless drowning figure ghostlike in the gloom Our dreams were too heavy sinking cities, tearing down the stars etched upon our hearts as … Continue reading Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs


The light fades Increasing distance As we fall away From reality Sinking into dream Safe from the harsh truth That tells us: We are unwelcome Uninvited And less than This new world of men. - Caroline A. Slee