Frigid Surf #MondayBlogs

Memories of winter

Mist in the Darkness

Photo by Gabriel Hohol on Mist in the Darkness The road ahead is hidden from sight dancing beyond low-hanging clouds our lights do nothing to illuminate the way bouncing back to us against the darkness we travel alone cloaked from sight life in parallel solitude facing mist in the darkness on our own each … Continue reading Mist in the Darkness

The Introvert #wwwblogs

Exertion Pushes me Within a crowd A light burning on Amidst the volume Frenetic Fatigue chases me Weighing on my words Turning my food To dust In my mouth But, oh, the bliss Of solitude waiting A chance To spit out The bitter ends Of every murmur And every distraction That tears At my mind … Continue reading The Introvert #wwwblogs

Isolation #MondayBlogs

There is a space Of silence and solitude Far removed From the rush of day A world outside Our concrete places Calling us To wander and seek We may walk away Into the woods Off the beaten track We have travelled before To find there is more To ourselves Beyond the structure We follow: if … Continue reading Isolation #MondayBlogs

Seeking the Silence #MondayBlogs

In a space of quiet Solitude waits Not the sorrow Of loneliness But the budding strength Of alone The world is in a hush Without the traffic Of busy voices And breath Becomes purpose And meaning The silence is waiting For you A discovery Only you can find For yourself A meditation Your soul can … Continue reading Seeking the Silence #MondayBlogs

The Fortress of Solitude…#MondayBlogs

It’s not quite as exciting as I’ve made it sound with the above title. Upon receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, feelings of isolation can be overwhelming. This holds true not only for the patient, but for caregivers and family members of the patient. It often feels as though no one can understand the experience except … Continue reading The Fortress of Solitude…#MondayBlogs