Luck and a Wish

Photo by David Bartus on Luck and a Wish Words softly spoken no matter the name spells cast or prayers lifted an offering towards the future we seek casting luck before our feet a wish for every step joy to come peace to hold a gentle time to come - Caroline A. Slee

Pythoness ~ #wwwblogs

No snake-charmer, she a whisperer of spells crowding spaces with spirits answering her call shifting visions of other worlds swirl within her eyes Straddling dimensions she can rule more than one space with power reclaimed - Caroline A. Slee

Witchcraft, Or, You Know – Not…#MondayBlogs

So, I write supernatural fiction. There are witches and spooky evildoers, and so on. The question I have received more than any other is how long I have practiced Wicca as my religion. I haven't. When I tell people this, it leads to the (I now think of it as inevitable) follow up: "Where did … Continue reading Witchcraft, Or, You Know – Not…#MondayBlogs