Wasting time

The Sun Will Set

The sun will set upon us all whether we will more hours into being or rue the hours their length The sun will set upon the world in our separate stages and spaces chasing time around the globe The sun will set to close the chapter to push us to take up our pens and … Continue reading The Sun Will Set


Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com Hopeful There are moments when time seems to stop a suspended instant where the world shines we find clarity purpose hopeful in our direction a brightness to lead us along our path - Caroline A. Slee

Timebomb #MondayBlogs

I break the night with my shrill voice screaming into the darkness I hold the burden of pain careless slaps and gasps of fear I rule over the day with my shouts and warnings and they know that they need me to keep the schedule but they resent my purpose they hate my voice universally … Continue reading Timebomb #MondayBlogs


We cling to scraps swift moments of time leftover meant for us to be living in the gaps between tasks and obligations there is time meant finally for us - Caroline A. Slee

Life on Time

Every moment calculated each minute spoken for the alarm, morning ritual the commute into the rising sun the bells to chime beginnings and endings the flow of crowds busy on their way life on time dedicated leaving everything else for later ~ Caroline A. Slee

Hickory Dickory Dock…

Shifting seconds counting off the hours a race through the day before moonrise and rest - Caroline A. Slee

An Odyssey

Time spins back a skein unspooled memories spilled like so much milk without the tears for past travails a strange journey begins outside of time begins before our time begins before our eyes an odyssey into all of our unknowns chasing the curve of earth’s skies and so time unwinds into a restless dream sails … Continue reading An Odyssey

Hours #MondayBlogs

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Hours The days are more than a scant twenty-four in the chiming of the alarm The nights are a wink here and then gone marching the beat of the clocks Each minute a breath held and then gone the hours a climb finding the beauty of time distorted - Caroline … Continue reading Hours #MondayBlogs


Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com We reach a point of disconnection as of galaxies and stars and a reality only imagined where distance becomes time and time covers infinite distance We reach a point of dreaming as life passes through the window a rapid slide of motion while our eyes slumber over details … Continue reading Distance