Life on Time

Every moment calculated each minute spoken for the alarm, morning ritual the commute into the rising sun the bells to chime beginnings and endings the flow of crowds busy on their way life on time dedicated leaving everything else for later ~ Caroline A. Slee

Hickory Dickory Dock…

Shifting seconds counting off the hours a race through the day before moonrise and rest - Caroline A. Slee

An Odyssey

Time spins back a skein unspooled memories spilled like so much milk without the tears for past travails a strange journey begins outside of time begins before our time begins before our eyes an odyssey into all of our unknowns chasing the curve of earth’s skies and so time unwinds into a restless dream sails … Continue reading An Odyssey

Hours #MondayBlogs

Photo by Pixabay on Hours The days are more than a scant twenty-four in the chiming of the alarm The nights are a wink here and then gone marching the beat of the clocks Each minute a breath held and then gone the hours a climb finding the beauty of time distorted - Caroline … Continue reading Hours #MondayBlogs


Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on We reach a point of disconnection as of galaxies and stars and a reality only imagined where distance becomes time and time covers infinite distance We reach a point of dreaming as life passes through the window a rapid slide of motion while our eyes slumber over details … Continue reading Distance

In Plain Sight

Earth will reclaim her own despite the pride and angst of man time remains on her side in the face of our destruction we deny this truth though it lives in plain sight we turn our eyes away into our manmade darkness - Caroline A. Slee

It’s Later Than You Think #MondayBlogs

I usually mention that I thrive on "to do" lists. It helps me to stay organized, and I just love being able to cross things off of that list as I go through my day. I'm not really a New Year's Resolution type of person. I tend to take stock of each year as I … Continue reading It’s Later Than You Think #MondayBlogs


We chase it through each day Impose our will to manage it We moan that there is never enough As the hours go slipping by And the years unfurl so quickly Faster than we know As a second hand keeps time The rhythm Of our moments - Caroline A. Slee

A Long Time Away #WWWBlogs

I rest in this place So far from where I wish to be And a long time From the memory Of quiet and solitude I remain here in this place Always a bit unsettled A drive pushing me To another space and place A water creature Living in the landlocked desert Finding beauty around me … Continue reading A Long Time Away #WWWBlogs

The Hurdles #MondayBlogs

Our body physics Lift us forward Overcoming With force and momentum We chose this path This event For the challenge And the rush As we sailed Over and beyond The walls before us. But time is cruel And our momentum Has slowed While the hurdles Before us Hold steady over years The body remembers What … Continue reading The Hurdles #MondayBlogs