Sprawl #MondayBlogs

We learn early That civility is the Rule of the day That wild is an enemy Meant to be tamed We encroach Blasting through mountains For still another road Transforming wilderness In the name of progress We demand the urban Destroying a world To prove our dominion Preferring to cage All we do not understand … Continue reading Sprawl #MondayBlogs

The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs

Requested smiles and justifications a pretty pose of superficial pleasantry to ease and comfort everyone else a shoehorn and a tightly made mold in a shape not my own and a million voices clamoring for me to wedge myself into that oh so lovely shape as I shed my skin of civilization tattoo my hands … Continue reading The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs


Undercurrents flow a pulse driving the rhythm Feet drum over packed earth and senses overtake reason The primal rules the day a separate mind within civility A wild call crying out seeking sister souls Finding home in the distant unknown