Early Wind

Photo by Jan Koetsier on Pexels.com Early Wind As we slept the North winds rose sweeping across the sands like a shushing wave the sun's fire returned baking into the cracked ground radiating upward to ripple the air the early wind with promise of autumn carried still more summer in its arms as we seek … Continue reading Early Wind

Santa Anas Rising

The night winds rise coming in hot carrying the fire of the desert sun the Santa Anas are rising to promise season’s change a blast of heat and desert dry carried on their breath - Caroline A. Slee

Above the Wind

The mountains are swallowed By greedy sands Rising like an ocean Into the sky On the ground below We are blinded The air stinging our skin As we lean into our steps Above the wind Above the clouds Snow flurries into the sky As winter holds court In these last days Before spring bursts forth … Continue reading Above the Wind

The Wind is a Ghost

The wind is a ghost a memory calling its cries moving through every wall and door the wind is a ghost a shiver of fear a dark step on our future graves in the dark of midnight ~ Caroline A. Slee

Windy Mornings

The desert floor rises Into the sky A winter sandstorm The wind cuts through Every crevice and gap Demanding entrance The mountains are wrapped In whirling airs As snow and clouds fall And we seek shelter From forceful skies Sinking low To cast us about ~ Caroline A. Slee

It’s Thankful Thursday!

I have always loved Thursdays. All of the anticipation of the weekend is still ahead, there's only one day left to go in the week. Thursday is just lovely all around. We snuck a date in tonight, just to make it perfect. 🙂 Today, this week, I am especially thankful for amazing news I have … Continue reading It’s Thankful Thursday!