They called it witchcraft: healing, gentleness, knowledge and skill That early medicine, not to be trusted. As years flew by knowledge was left behind lost to fear and superstitions. Then they called it progress: a pill or a shot to replace what the mother gave to us a realm reserved for medicine: all antiseptic halls … Continue reading Sorcery

Witchcraft, Or, You Know – Not…#MondayBlogs

So, I write supernatural fiction. There are witches and spooky evildoers, and so on. The question I have received more than any other is how long I have practiced Wicca as my religion. I haven't. When I tell people this, it leads to the (I now think of it as inevitable) follow up: "Where did … Continue reading Witchcraft, Or, You Know – Not…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Witches #ArchiveDay

Clearly, I am not talking about the type of fish. 🙂 If that isn't clear by now, we are in big trouble! To continue my spooky, pre-Halloween theme here, I thought I'd talk about the classic today. Although most reports of witchcraft throughout history had more to do with societal mores than actual witchcraft, witches … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Witches #ArchiveDay