Woman #wwwblogs

She is undefined Except by her own words Goddess Mother Daughter Changemaker Revolutionary ~ She is a threat To the fragile egos That pretend to power With their grasping hands And ignorance ~ She is dignity Assaulted Objectified Torn down Constantly under pressure to fit into a neat little box ~ She is limitless Encompassing … Continue reading Woman #wwwblogs

When a Woman Speaks the Truth #wwwblogs

When a woman speaks the truth The world tries to shout her down She will be criticized for her tone While content is ignored When a woman speaks the truth Her motives are questioned Her language becomes politics And justice can never be her goal When a woman speaks the truth The world seeks to … Continue reading When a Woman Speaks the Truth #wwwblogs

Knights #wwwblogs

There were days Our only armor Was to paint our skin Before striding Into a battle And the today Where we might be hidden Behind subtler paints But no less Ready for the battle To be waged Delicate and fierce Whether slight or imposing We entered a knighthood Unspoken and ignored Because warrior women Could … Continue reading Knights #wwwblogs

Chatter ~ #wwwblogs

There came a moment just a sense of quiet when the woman walked out of the confines of her own life and embraced the wild living within It was not a fight or a struggle but the end to both that gave the final push out of the ordinary and into home With each step … Continue reading Chatter ~ #wwwblogs

Trials ~ #wwwblogs

Strength was a curse the will to live: forbidden The truly innocent could never survive the trial only in death, could every woman be vindicated Remember, sisters, there is no difference between a woman and a witch in the small minds of the weak and fearful ~ Caroline A. Slee


No exorcism no casting out for the demon is on the outside while we hold fast to who we are Identity is chipped away stripped away by slow inches We are not our own it will never be enough until we submit To man to church to government To any power that fears what it … Continue reading Possession

What Makes a Woman…#wwwblogs

"Sugar and spice and everything nice." That was a needlepoint in my friend's room when I was young. Yes, I am old enough that we all had needlepoints for decoration. I've even done a few myself. 🙂 It's been 96 years since we won the right to vote, and we are still working on equal … Continue reading What Makes a Woman…#wwwblogs


We do not lie down to be trod upon We do not wear our skin for the liking of others We do not swallow words to avoid discord We stand We speak We occupy our space in this world We learn against the stream with a tidal rage we push to care for ourselves to … Continue reading Spine…#wwwblogs

The Mountains Are a Woman…#MondayBlogs

The mountains are a woman A haven Of dangerous angles Tumbled volcanoes Broke themselves upon her And still She stands A home And a hiding place Of unique beauty And changeable moods Implacable majesty Cloaks her every expression And so we live in her shade and listen to her life after sundown She holds every … Continue reading The Mountains Are a Woman…#MondayBlogs