Spoken We whisper worlds into being filled with color and cool air creation’s birth across a page the strange spell-craft of character and plot as we invoke a crowd within an empty room those whispered, written words shattering stars into a new universe - Caroline A. Slee

Finding the Words

It's like a game of hide and seek trying to find the words reaching out for their magic their power to wipe the slate if only the right ones could be written... It's like waiting for sleep with your head on the pillow and a mind awake with thought knowing rest would come if only … Continue reading Finding the Words

Undo #MondayBlogs

Language is a game To arrange and rearrange A deconstruct When we wish And a bridge builder If we choose The language is a game Of "in just" and unjust And the biases we hide Still we play In hopes of a far off Win The language is a game Without a victor Unless we … Continue reading Undo #MondayBlogs

Tuesday Thoughts: Seamus Heaney…

A side benefit to my little one having minor surgery this morning: he lets me read poetry to him. Don't get me wrong, he finds some poetry to be really fun. While the other kiddos recited kid-friendly (and very funny!) poetry at his school's annual event, he recited Poe. Yep, that's my boy! 🙂 Today, … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts: Seamus Heaney…