It is not the rocks we need to fearbut the shore we can no longer find We seek the light as we turn awayclinging to the old wounds that kill our peace The soul sets a searchlight to find us in the darkas we stumble, lost in a strange, twisted journey Until the day finally … Continue reading Searchlight

All the Days to Come #wwwblogs

The world weeps and rages A story we have heard before Repeated throughout history Wounds that have never been healed Excuses and blame Stand in place of accountability Always a scapegoat Waiting for the money men To point their fingers And shake in their righteousness Indignation a sham Covering power grabs And the hunger for … Continue reading All the Days to Come #wwwblogs

Tuesday Thoughts…Randomized

Well, I've been awake since 4 this morning. It's been another insanely productive day, but I'm sure it's obvious that I am trying to clear my slate before Thursday. I'm aware that many people are up in arms tonight, as they were last night. I'm also incredibly grateful that my quiet little group is safe … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…Randomized