Unwrap #wwwblogs

the answer lies within the simple the every dayit is within the complaining and the chores we sweep the old year and all its debris off of its clawed feet silencing at last the clicking and dragging down our halls we unwrap the final gift the one that returns to us each year in a … Continue reading Unwrap #wwwblogs

Comfort and Joy #wwwblogs

We find our comfort in the familiar nights by the fire and music we love We find our comfort in quiet spaces mornings in a sleeping house and empty kitchen Joy will rise with these softer days and the calmer passage of time With cheer and blessings to warm us through the season's long, dark … Continue reading Comfort and Joy #wwwblogs

Vast #wwwblogs

We seek that vast openness as we find our whispering voices. Beginning to speak our truth unsteady as a drunken sailor. We find our feet in that vast opennessstriding into our own choices.Walking away from uncertainty standing firm on our beliefs. We seek that vast opennessin a world grown deaf to our words.Bravery in our … Continue reading Vast #wwwblogs

Through Line #wwwblogs

We are linkedpainted as a wholea bright impressionof colors which bleedtogether ~ Caroline A. Slee

My Own Backyard #wwwblogs

Where wilderness and peace can be foundwhere the quiet of empty land spreads widewe stand so small beneath the endless skiesarms outstretched, dancing praise and joy. ~ Caroline A. Slee

Memories Unknown #wwwblogs

A whisper remains:contrasting colorsbougainvillea petalsa hummingbird hoveringover each step we takethe owl sings her songas night falls on the mountainand memories of oneI did not know surround us ~ Caroline A. Slee

Cure #wwwblogs

There can be beautywithin the struggleto make the weight of your world bearable. With open eyeslooking to the path aheadyou can see the magicenfolding you. There can be lightthrough your darknesslifting you back upwhen your heart is sinking. With each breathtaking in the life you seekyou can fill yourselfonce more with hope. There is so … Continue reading Cure #wwwblogs

So Below #wwwblogs

We stitch the fabric of the skiesour skin aglow with moonlightcreatures of sky, and cool, and nightmystics ready to fly The stars rise above and shine belowlife mirrored after deep magicas we honor ones who came beforein a silent praise We stitch the fabric of the skiescreation in every touchfor ancient phrase and mantra knownin … Continue reading So Below #wwwblogs

Reimagined #wwwblogs

Liberation was a far-off songin a language I could not understanda dream of color and movement and energybright in its painful hope. Reality was built with sharp edgeswith black and white made starkso-called truth spooned out by angry menin a world made harsh without dreams. We find constants beyond the noisehands in the soil and … Continue reading Reimagined #wwwblogs

Sage #wwwblogs

We seek wisdomlike a new faithprayer sent up to the skieson curls of smoke We seek transformationas a way of lifealways a new pathto carry us onward We seek answersexplanationsan understanding of allthat is beyond the pale We seek a new worldfar removed from the liesjoining a celestial purposetrue to our own hearts ~ Caroline … Continue reading Sage #wwwblogs