Chasing Zen

We sound the bells soften our gaze seek to become the flow of our breath we labor dedicate our effort push and drive toward calm counterpoint to zen holding opposition to our goal the tug of war between desire and logic it is only when we stop chasing zen that we actually arrive at our … Continue reading Chasing Zen


The breath is all A fullness A quieting of the mind In resting stillness We are guided by breath Eyes closed A glowing power Shining outward Healing us Healing the world Healing our hearts Of the darkness That has flown The breath cools A soothing release As the body Rejoins the spirit ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Zen

Friday Philosophy…Zen

Zen. What is it? Do we achieve it, like Nirvana? No, not the grunge bank, the transcendental state of being after deep meditation. Or, as one teacher explained it: the state of no longer thinking. If you look up the word "zen" in a search engine, you find out quite a bit about Buddhism. And, … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Zen