Melior – an excerpt

A small spark shot out into the darkness. It seemed years since the sun had risen over the fields, years since she had heard the voices of her neighbors. A creeping chill had made its way into everything, coming with the strange fog that had settled over the land.

That spark caught again, a sizzle of light, and then gone. She shivered against the cold, tried again. She heard Jasper’s whimper as she tried to bring her focus back. The spark found its mark at last, catching the kindling and lighting the fire.

Melior felt relief. The dark days had lasted far too long, and come from out of nowhere. The world was muffled in the fog. When it descended, she had gathered Jasper and the sheep into the cottage. It was crowded and uncomfortable, but they were safe.

She knew that she would have to go out: out into that darkness, out into that fog that climbed inside her clothing and clung to her skin. She hadn’t yet finished her preparations, but the time was coming. There was no way to know what Melior would find. ~ Caroline A. Slee

Melior – an excerpt

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