The Gauntlet #MondayBlogs

Something remembers the screaming battles and chaos-driven fields a distant bell sounds and memory awakens screaming ancestors wielding impossible swords something remembers bloody battlefields the victories missed the lives lost a distant voice whispers war and memory awakens forcing our hands shifting our paths as we don our armor make our stand and know we … Continue reading The Gauntlet #MondayBlogs

Blanketing Skies #MondayBlogs

Sunrise swallowed whole by the greedy dust kicked up into storms a vanished sea gone in a snap consumed by starving winds forever unsatisfied blanketing skies sinking down until the world has gone away blanketing skies muffling the hours ending both the night and the day - Caroline A. Slee

Headfirst #MondayBlogs

The time for caution has moved behind us a thing of the past the small lives swept inside boxes and lines expand into the world stepping outside expectation we plunge headfirst into the present moment starting the wave that will become future self - Caroline A. Slee

Stopwatch #MondayBlogs

Photo by Alla Eddine Taleb on Stopwatch #MondayBlogs The breath catches the drumming heart racing steps from shade to shade the breeze chills running across sweat salt blinding the eyes as sun dances behind clouds the breath catches for the finish line unfound the race that does not end chasing all that cannot be … Continue reading Stopwatch #MondayBlogs

Horseshoes #MondayBlogs

Entrapped devils bargain for freedom rushing through promises of anything and everything while skill and talent look on in judgment knowing peace in the trap well-laid - Caroline A. Slee

The Other Side #MondayBlogs

Crumbled stone and hollow lands remnants of life all that remains unkind history paints the tableau with harsh truth instead of history’s tones the other side of humanity the chaos, destruction, and the climbing the pride in everything but living the steep price of success - Caroline A. Slee

Crown #MondayBlogs

Closer to divinity rising between worlds the crown lifts us upward shedding coils snakelike as mortality is cast off - Caroline A. Slee

Diminishing #MondayBlogs

Photo by ph.galtri on Diminishing #MondayBlogs The horizon recedes always too far the distance does not shorten though the time does endless hours fruitless pursuit chasing the unreal while expending breath and heart and energy on each day's diminishing returns the keyhole closes the lung slams shut and the heart takes a final hero's … Continue reading Diminishing #MondayBlogs

Ripples #MondayBlogs

History ripples outward onto every shore changing everything it touches harmonizing with itself from the beginning it starts again repetition and rhyme scraping the bottom the ocean floor bringing up the dust of every civilization History ripples outward - Caroline A. Slee

Timebomb #MondayBlogs

I break the night with my shrill voice screaming into the darkness I hold the burden of pain careless slaps and gasps of fear I rule over the day with my shouts and warnings and they know that they need me to keep the schedule but they resent my purpose they hate my voice universally … Continue reading Timebomb #MondayBlogs