Respiration #MondayBlogs

Morning and night and night and morning I spend my time with a machine breathing and re-breathing and forcing salt into the lungs all for the push of air morning and night and night and morning the air chokes up in my lungs breathing through flutters and forcing violent coughs for obstruction and impediment to … Continue reading Respiration #MondayBlogs

Do Not Disturb #MondayBlogs

I guard my sleep as though my life depended on it setting a watch powering down beginning a ritual well in advance I set guardians at the gate an aggressive do not disturb waving a sign for all to stay away as my body seeks healing restoration I guard my sleep like riches buried away … Continue reading Do Not Disturb #MondayBlogs

Counted in Hours #MondayBlogs

Each day set in blocks hours unrolling a bumpy path of single steps Each day just a touch more than can be done counting in hours as time runs out Tasks compound an exponential growth always more waiting behind the present moment And our days unroll hour and minutes gone moments in a life overloaded … Continue reading Counted in Hours #MondayBlogs

Endurance #MondayBlogs

Training and transforming were not meant for the body the physical strength the quick sprints the endless hills all designed for the mind for the daily grind stamina to carry on - Caroline A. Slee

Unpacking #MondayBlogs

Beneath each layer I always find more: more to do more to fix more to tidy more I sort, I discard, I organize and still more awaits idle hands are a dream rest an unknown state always that more another hurdle a new bar ever-moving goalposts - Caroline A. Slee

Morning Symphonies #MondayBlogs

It all starts before awareness heartbeat drumming breath caught fast into harps that do not soothe and a dog’s whine the ticking clock chasing that heartbeat down cold, tile halls awareness finally comes a fog lifted with the cheerful hum of the coffee maker strange morning symphonies to bring us into the day finding readiness … Continue reading Morning Symphonies #MondayBlogs

Breaking Autumn #MondayBlogs

Somewhere the leaves turn dancing before rain burnished by the wind copper beneath the sky Somewhere the winds shift bringing down an arctic chill cooling a planet on fire moving us into transition Somewhere is another me parallel to this life in the here and now donning a sweater against the dawn as autumn breaks … Continue reading Breaking Autumn #MondayBlogs

Sunfire #MondayBlogs

The sky burns summer steadfast wilting our green drying every surface leaving us desiccated seeking the mirages - Caroline A. Slee

Live Wire #MondayBlogs

My lungs do not breathe air but crackle with fire and energy my heart on a racetrack wired to the next sprint my body finds no stillness no rest a live wire dancing electric as I long for the calm and quiet I cannot find - Caroline A. Slee

Grounding #MondayBlogs

Just breathe into the universe acceptance and letting go with each cycle inhaling the calm releasing the clutter struggling forward into self-care despite the battle of distractions and tasks just breathe and be in the moment that is everything we find grounding in our far-reaching roots - Caroline A. Slee