Whispering Trees #MondayBlogs

The wind becomes a wave

False Confidence #MondayBlogs

False Confidence #MondayBlogs How easy are the angry words to those you see as "weak": smaller in stature, younger in years seemingly all alone but oh, how sudden your change in tone your smiling face your softer side when faced with knowledge that the bite will be worse than any bark ever could be underestimated … Continue reading False Confidence #MondayBlogs

Golden #MondayBlogs

Golden The sky holds every shade an entire spectrum shifting as we watch the sky holds magic on the wind a breathtaking beauty before our eyes we live for these golden hours when dream and reality marry together a spectacle meant for all of us renewed each day without fail - Caroline A. Slee

Savage #MondayBlogs

Savage Beauty lulls us into complacency forgetting the danger that lies in the civilization outside of our door we wear our polite mask trained through generations into pleasantness and a non-threatening manner but the savage within us returns as surely as our planet tilts our memories flow in our blood and we begin to shed … Continue reading Savage #MondayBlogs