The road ahead chases the rain as clouds crowd in to blot out our sky the storms break upon us but do not break the heat as the long summer holds the earth in its iron grip we dance through the rain stand against the wind hold a light against the darkness in the day … Continue reading Storms


We celebrate the seasons grateful for each shift something of our ancestors rising through our memories the body knows the rhythms of nature and shifting climes as we toil in modernity while leaves turn and let go we celebrate the seasons but tame the wildness within as day and night share the hours and the … Continue reading Mabon

Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

The skies will lead us home or away navigators at heart drawn to the place we seek we stand on shores or gaze from mountains always pulled by that North Star the sun and moon and stars map the world and the seasons for harvest or for rest and we follow their guidance with our … Continue reading Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs


We channel winter ice water in our veins picturing frosted breath the air a snap to the skin We channel winter forgotten snows and the silence as it falls a fantasy to escape unending summer carrying ourselves into the cold - Caroline A. Slee

The Home Stretch

Near summer’s end the sun burns fire sending us into soaring heat an inescapable inferno of air too hot to breathe and mesquites bowing to the Earth the death throes of summer creates its own pyre as souls are sold for a breath of coolness a silent world waits for relief and release in the … Continue reading The Home Stretch

Foreboding #MondayBlogs

Photo by Clive Kim on Foreboding We live in our civilized worlds forgetful of the world beneath us prideful in our dominion over all sinking into the illusion of power we ignore the warning signsas we trip blindly forward with our short-term vantage points we ignore instinct and foreboding believing ourselves more than animal … Continue reading Foreboding #MondayBlogs


Each day brings a warning with a promise of rain looming threats in rushing water too fast for the thirsty soil to gather what it needs the mountains weep as roads wash away while we remain in safety here on the desert floor without a drop of water - Caroline A. Slee

Early Wind

Photo by Jan Koetsier on Early Wind As we slept the North winds rose sweeping across the sands like a shushing wave the sun's fire returned baking into the cracked ground radiating upward to ripple the air the early wind with promise of autumn carried still more summer in its arms as we seek … Continue reading Early Wind

Sunset Beaches

The world drifts to bed in shades of fire as waves crash and tides build the world drifts to bed on a flash in foam and blue bringing us to the depths where we can at last breathe - Caroline A. Slee


New things bloom in the fertile soil we have tilled and labored over with years of our sweat we green our own grass pause to smell the flowers and lift our faces to the sun in gratitude - Caroline A. Slee