Rain and Wolves

The hunters approach by the light of the moon as rain builds and cloaks the sky the rain falls gentle upon thirsting fields misting the air into a shroud I wear wild calls shatter the night the full wolf moon removed, above it all as Earth regains her own despite us - Caroline A. Slee


Words written on the sky in starlight to guide us quaking aspens shivering in the chill mountainsides as mirrors brightened by snow Sending our messages upward heavenward skyward a song meant to get through - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels.com Shroud The world awakens wrapped in the night covered over with stars and low clouds she does not cast her shroud aside - Caroline A. Slee

Mist in the Darkness

Photo by Gabriel Hohol on Pexels.com Mist in the Darkness The road ahead is hidden from sight dancing beyond low-hanging clouds our lights do nothing to illuminate the way bouncing back to us against the darkness we travel alone cloaked from sight life in parallel solitude facing mist in the darkness on our own each … Continue reading Mist in the Darkness


Photo by Harry Smith on Pexels.com Vulnerable Wind blasts across stone wearing it down our empty window frames welcoming the cold walls crumble defenses vanish in the face of all we cannot control the force of nature humbles us tears us down to our very roots until we do nothing but bend against the onslaught … Continue reading Vulnerable


We bring the outside in and shut out the cold with cheer and firelight and family at home we decorate the tree annual pagans for a season taking time for joy in winter’s long nights - Caroline A. Slee

Washed Away

The roads gleam all dirt washed away as the city sleeps without lights to hold back the darkness the storm breaks over and around the city clearing everything out as it makes room for new seasons - Caroline A. Slee

The Gloaming

My hours are spent in an unending dusk awakening in dark hours driving swift across twilit fields the waking hours find me between four walls as the sun holds court high overhead but my quiet times my writing hours my solitude space to think my thoughts are spent in the gloaming the almost night that … Continue reading The Gloaming

Rambles #MondayBlogs

New trails call us and we roam freely striding out into bounty forests or deserts or seaside sands our rambles lead us home point us in our new direction when the beaten path no longer holds appeal - Caroline A. Slee

Into the Wind

We set our prow into the wind setting fast against the storm riding every wave glimpsing sky between towering walls battened down and tied in committed to the journey no matter our fear - Caroline A. Slee