Energy Vampire

Garlic will not act as safety no crucifix to ward them off  it’s never blood they seek but all that makes you is their meal of choice the friend in foul weather the stirrer of tempests at sea the first to attack when vulnerability appears they seek their way in we become a wall … Continue reading Energy Vampire

Memories Unknown #wwwblogs

A whisper remains:contrasting colorsbougainvillea petalsa hummingbird hoveringover each step we takethe owl sings her songas night falls on the mountainand memories of oneI did not know surround us ~ Caroline A. Slee


They never tell the everyday stories It all must be princesses, monsters, or wars Not the quiet family, living in the woods Making friends out of spirits And legends And lore The idyllic cottage, with it's cheerful windows Waiting in the snow-covered woods For the end of the day For work to end And family … Continue reading Lore

The Moon and the Tides

It once was a simple love story As if we could say such things are ever simple The sky and the sea Endlessly stretching towards each other In a just-missed embrace But simple always evolves As love does the same: A living being driven to survive Until the moon and the tides Declared themselves in … Continue reading The Moon and the Tides


Would we grow - Strong and wild - If we were cast outside neat rows Instead of withering On gracious stems Centerpieces in someone's life Oh, to cling to nourishment Hearty soil to allow us To set down roots Raising our heads Into the sunlight Basking in our shapes and beauties To run untamed And … Continue reading Wildflower


Others will use Your past To hurt you They want you to live In the version of you That gives control Instead of taking it Others will throw Barbs at you Sending your trust Back as a messenger Meant to hurt Leaving wounds Others will pray A list of your sins Your transgressions Your errors … Continue reading Weaponized

We Should Be Impossible

We should be impossible Finding our way Though we are not welcome Building a path Through mountains and concrete Planting our roots Where they ought not grow We should be impossible Forgotten and cast aside Yet quietly starting to flourish Despite that impossibility We create the possible Whether in anger Or despair Or stubborn hopefulness … Continue reading We Should Be Impossible


The geometry of all Shades of a sacred pattern Overlooked When it does not align With a world of colors We prefer We sing praises as we turn our backs Pretending virtue In judgment and neglect Forgetting the sacred Held within each of us We forsake the other All others On flimsy excuses Willfully ignorant … Continue reading Sacred

Warmth #MondayBlogs

The nights grow long In winter's melody Of windsong and distant owls The desert hides away As the sun sinks Beyond the mountains Huddled into nest and den In search of warmth Memory carries us Through the sleepless nights Without dream or rest To offer relief We hold fast To remembered warmth To each other … Continue reading Warmth #MondayBlogs

The Introvert #wwwblogs

Exertion Pushes me Within a crowd A light burning on Amidst the volume Frenetic Fatigue chases me Weighing on my words Turning my food To dust In my mouth But, oh, the bliss Of solitude waiting A chance To spit out The bitter ends Of every murmur And every distraction That tears At my mind … Continue reading The Introvert #wwwblogs