When you listen to true crime before bed

The Invitation

The baelfires are set the prayers have been sung as we surrender to our faith one by one the skies cover us with benevolence as we begin to dance free from our constraints governing ourselves at last not witch, but woman feared or revered and misunderstood we shake off these legal shackles and declare our … Continue reading The Invitation

The Myth of All

To have it all we first must know that our all is unseen and unsung the labors overlooked and taken for granted deemed to be of little value to have it all we still must know that our words will go willfully unheard that consent is a fragile grace and will be ignored - not … Continue reading The Myth of All

Open Spaces

The world is not a monster ready to consume the marrow of our bones it is people who do that the world itself does not hunt treating women as prey in a twisted sport it is men who do that the world is not danger and darkness overshadowing the sun and skies but human blame … Continue reading Open Spaces

You Can Have It All #MondayBlogs

You Can Have It All Every woman can the family the home the education the career all you have to do is everything you can have it all but the bar will be set higher than for any man and as you labor you will receive your feedback and learn that you will never be … Continue reading You Can Have It All #MondayBlogs


The world is built upon lies the push for superiority one ideology one pathway as leaders hide behind their masks and people suffer in the struggle to survive - Caroline A. Slee


The house will fall all that was solid gone to cards and toothpicks the heart has gone out of it and the dreamer has awakened rudely without warning to find she is a cipher a ghost in what would have been her home and so without hesitation without a pause seamlessly the haunting will commence … Continue reading Smashing


We return to shadows relegated to the dark condemned judged cast aside along with history science the illusion of liberty all of those consumed by the deadly sins of theocracy the refusal to learn, or to think, or to love - Caroline A. Slee