The plot line stretches taut and twisting finding its way to a dire ending carrying us higher white-knuckled drumming hearts racing to darkness at the last - Caroline A. Slee

Horseshoes #MondayBlogs

Entrapped devils bargain for freedom rushing through promises of anything and everything while skill and talent look on in judgment knowing peace in the trap well-laid - Caroline A. Slee

Crown #MondayBlogs

Closer to divinity rising between worlds the crown lifts us upward shedding coils snakelike as mortality is cast off - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by KoolShooters on The sails are slack beyond a shrinking sky bruised purple sunset rising above the hills fog winds through empty streets rusted husks a graveyard of time tracking the years without meaning or hope the sails hang slack across the sky winking away into the nothing that remains - Caroline A. … Continue reading Dystopian

Diminishing #MondayBlogs

Photo by ph.galtri on Diminishing #MondayBlogs The horizon recedes always too far the distance does not shorten though the time does endless hours fruitless pursuit chasing the unreal while expending breath and heart and energy on each day's diminishing returns the keyhole closes the lung slams shut and the heart takes a final hero's … Continue reading Diminishing #MondayBlogs

Wheels #MondayBlogs

Cogs that keep the mechanism in motion, moving forward both time and fortune like a spellcaster’s path a foretelling in its circular track the prophecy and fates spinning on wheels invisible to us though we roll along on that same path traced among the stars a destiny unspooling before us - Caroline A. Slee

Waiting in the Dark

We do not see the watcher’s eyes waiting in the dark seeking the moment our guard has fallen our soft bellies exposed we do not see sharpened claws waiting in the dark honed to razors deadly weapons waiting for the vulnerable minute we do not see tooth and fang aiming for our throats predator stalking … Continue reading Waiting in the Dark

A History Lesson #wwwblogs

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on A History Lesson Women are witches without proof or truth meant for the fire burned for existence Women are ornament without voice or consent meant for the male gaze that gives legitimacy Women are free to breed, but not choose to exist, but with a smile to work, but … Continue reading A History Lesson #wwwblogs


The fields hold the memory of each passing footfall as the sun sinks to the horizon and houses sit vacant but for the ghosts of what was roaming halls and rooms that were their own we live in a world of shades past lives and unheard voices surrounding us, waiting for our eyes to finally … Continue reading Shades


Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on A pinch to the back of the neck intuition diving into the tangible, the visible to shout us awake skin starts its crawling alarm begging us to stop to come to attention like all of the baby hairs up and down the arms standing upright a claxon sounding in … Continue reading Crawling