The Things I Miss:

Leaves turning Into fiery omens The playfulness Of season's change The air so cold It turns breath To a gasp For one shocked instant The peace of home Held close When simplicity ruled And hearts were true Time for intention And intentional words The song of my soul Whisper silent now - Caroline A. Slee

The Gloaming

The night will come alive After twilight's passing Pinpricks of light In the fireflies An electric hum From cicadas dying High above in the trees And the mockingbird Singing the songs of men From his invisible perch Welcoming the night Casting their magic To hold back the sun Until they lose their nightly battle Once … Continue reading The Gloaming


For it is not the smooth sea That carries us forward But the wave and the wind That lead us Where we long to be ~ Caroline A. Slee


Memory draws us downward a slow spiral as in dreams beyond loss into simplicity viewed through a veil of roses   The known is our safety and our stopping point miring us in the past making our climb into today ever steeper   It seduces us with what was and who we once were until … Continue reading Descending

Lou Holtz and the Good Life

Lou Holtz seems to come up quite often when I'm talking to my Dad. Football has nothing to do with it. As the Coach of Notre Dame, Lou Holtz left us with a legacy of wisdom on how to live a good life. His philosophy was simple: "Do right. Do your best. Treat others as … Continue reading Lou Holtz and the Good Life


The storyMust continueCarried in the birthOf stars Worlds beyond The reach of our gazeHistories and nationsRising and dyingUnknownWithout a whisper Across the silent spaceBut the words Are thereA quiet murmurCaptured by pens Sprawling across pagesThe storyMust continue ~ Caroline A. Slee

Accidental Hills, and Things You Learn When Out of Town

Did you know that Del Mar is made up entirely of hills? Yeah, neither did I, until I went running this morning. For some reason, during that first mile (entirely uphill) I thought that I just had to crest the hill I was climbing. Then, on the second mile, I knew I had to almost … Continue reading Accidental Hills, and Things You Learn When Out of Town


In some space beyond my fingertips is an ending as my arms circle and hips roll and the world comes in and out of sunrise focus there is another wall that I haven't found a stopping point I will only know when I reach inside of it when I squeeze one last pull through liquid … Continue reading Limitless


Peel back the skin simple flesh a meaningless misdirection Open out the heart jeweled with virtue keeping time for the dance Tease the limbs a marionette slack and slanted coquettish Render the soul visible, exposed every color and shade melding and swirling As the me within me moves without - Caroline A. Slee