Accidental Hills, and Things You Learn When Out of Town

Did you know that Del Mar is made up entirely of hills? Yeah, neither did I, until I went running this morning.

For some reason, during that first mile (entirely uphill) I thought that I just had to crest the hill I was climbing. Then, on the second mile, I knew I had to almost be there. Near mile 3, I realized my silver lining – I was going to return, running downhill the entire way.

Lara and I managed to grab 2 days and a night at the beach. Maddie and Moses had commitments, and we were their designated chauffeurs. Once we had gotten each of them where they needed to go, we were in cooler climate with only the dog for company. She needs a pair of doggie sunglasses when she’s at the beach.

Now I have absolute proof she’s my pup, because we have childhood photos of me squinting into the sun in the exact same way. Lara was game for the nearly 8 mile walk we took yesterday, both on and off sand. And Liesl discovered that the waves rushing at you aren’t as bad once you’re actually in the water.

We spent a last few minutes at the beach today before heading back home. My furry sidekick and I headed out onto a ledge and watched the waves together. Liesl decided quite quickly that she wanted to jump into the ocean, but I ruined her fun. The water was deep where she wanted to jump, and I didn’t feel like a swim fully clothed with my dog and people fishing. It seemed like a dangerous plan. 😉

That should tide me over (haha) for a little bit. Back to the pool tomorrow. And no more hills for a few days. Next time, the hills will be on purpose.

Happy Tuesday, and blessings to you all.

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