Some random thoughts tonight


The soft clouds blanket our awakenings as the river flows impassive to our labors mornings fade into day as the sun overtakes our vision a sweet loss we practice daily as our limbs lengthen and warm mornings fade to evening and nightfall as we see the trail we’ve left accomplished at peace walking our authentic … Continue reading Mornings

Authentic #MondayBlogs

There is still beauty in these old bones overlooked but real all the same a truth spoken after years of ruin the stones that stand remember their balance we believe that we seek the authentic yet miss the crumbling facades on old hillsides and plains we have forgotten our history the roadmap cast upon our … Continue reading Authentic #MondayBlogs

Writers as Actors ~ #MondayBlogs

In my "day job," if you can call anything in life something as simple as a day job, I write curriculum: write it, market it, sell it, and, currently, work to get an accreditation. To do this, I do not use my authentic "voice." Don't get me wrong, those class programs are completely authentic. But … Continue reading Writers as Actors ~ #MondayBlogs