Writers as Actors ~ #MondayBlogs

In my “day job,” if you can call anything in life something as simple as a day job, I write curriculum: write it, market it, sell it, and, currently, work to get an accreditation. To do this, I do not use my authentic “voice.”

Don’t get me wrong, those class programs are completely authentic. But I am using the dictated notes and class materials of someone else (my dad) to create online courses for adults. This is his retirement – for the man who has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.

Writing curriculum is obviously different than my poetry and my supernatural fiction. If it were not different, there would be far too many confused people in the heavy equipment industry. 🙂

This led me to realize that, when you write for a living, you become a sort of actor. You not only have to be able to place yourself in the mind of fictional characters, but you have to be able to carry the voice of real, living and breathing people. No one ever mentioned that professional writing would be just as much of a mindset shift as writing fiction.

Language is different, depending upon the message and the delivery.

As writers, we learn to speak many languages, in our own native tongue.

What are you writing this week?

Happy Monday, and blessings to you all.

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