The Homeward Road

The homeward road is ever-changing illuminated by the sun or the stars accompanied by the symphony of wildlife and the thrumming heartbeat of treads devouring the miles. The homeward road waits for our approach the choice to turn and return and seeks what awaits us filled with bravery and challenge a life well spent. - … Continue reading The Homeward Road

What’s In a Name? ~ #wwwblogs

Choice is a powerful force for transformation taking a dilemma existential at its best and shifting it into a young woman's voice once cautious, nearly timid emerging from the name a man gave her into the name she has chosen stepping into her power a reckoning held before open ears crossing the lines constructed for … Continue reading What’s In a Name? ~ #wwwblogs

Friday Philosophy: Brave

It sounds like I'm about to do a write up on the Disney movie now. 🙂 No, I promise it's not that! I've been learning a lot about bravery, and my misconceptions about bravery. I've long held onto the belief that bravery is synonymous with fearlessness. Of course, I've been wrong for quite some time. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy: Brave