One Decade

This is the day. 10 years ago today, my unwelcome hitchhiker was evicted from my body through major surgery. 10 years ago today, with the help and love of family and friends and incredible doctors, I threw the first punch in my fight to kick cancer’s ass. I won that fight, and I have 10 … Continue reading One Decade


That center holds Within us The home that can never Be taken away The peaks and valleys To challenge and comfort us Always without and within We find home In the breath In the pulse driving us In the strength To overcome - Caroline A. Slee

Skin #wwwblogs

The hours we celebrate This skin that stretches around us Are fleeting at best And the years strip away What has been held before us As beauty We reach a finish line Barely even women anymore Unless we realize Each wrinkle Every scar And those deadly battles won Make us defiantly female Beyond the standards … Continue reading Skin #wwwblogs

What Goes Up #wwwblog

And thank goodness. I've been throwing some hill training back into the routine. My thighs hate me. Just sharing the reward for the run up the mountain: the descent has a wonderful view. On the countdown to my favorite holiday. Blessings to you all.


I walk trails Hidden from The desert floor Climbing Into clouds Seeking The path within Finding my body Along these winding climbs My spirit lies in nature And my soul Does not live Inside my skin Every breath An out-of-body experience ~ Caroline A. Slee

Friday Philosophy ~ Bricks

This photo was four miles from my front door, up a long hill. Today, I did a brick. Well, a baby brick. I rode my bike 10 miles and then ran 5 miles. Why do they call it a brick? I didn’t want to pursue a serious answer to that. I’ve decided that it’s because … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Bricks

Role Reversal…#MondayBlogs

Those of you who have followed my blog for some time now know that my sweet darling, Lara, was caregiver extraordinaire during my battle with breast cancer. Enough so that she was dubbed the Tumour Raider, because, hey - the shoe fit! Well, flu season is upon us. Lara was knocked down first, then Maddie, … Continue reading Role Reversal…#MondayBlogs

Bloodless…#MondayBlogs #WeBleed NSFW

For #MondayBlogs, a #WeBleed post on women's reproductive health. Oh, and I throw around a bad word in there.

A Dash of Reality…#MondayBlogs

Since I'm training for the Ventura marathon, I feel like using the word dash as more of a pun there in my headline. I don't usually write two posts for #MondayBlogs, but the topics in my head need two separate spaces. At the start of the year I shared my commitment to finally run a … Continue reading A Dash of Reality…#MondayBlogs