A Dash of Reality…#MondayBlogs

Since I’m training for the Ventura marathon, I feel like using the word dash as more of a pun there in my headline.

I don’t usually write two posts for #MondayBlogs, but the topics in my head need two separate spaces.

At the start of the year I shared my commitment to finally run a marathon this year. I also shared the fact that my earlier marathon training was derailed by breast cancer, and the many illnesses and fatigue that preceded my diagnosis. Although it’s been five years, there are just some aspects to my body that may not ever feel the way they did “before.” As part of my self-care, I am working on learning to be okay with that. For example, reconstructive surgery involves putting expanders and then implants under the muscles of the chest – the pectoralis major to be specific. The surgeon told me wayyyyyy in advance, no major weightlifting again. He didn’t really mention how weird tiny weightlifting (read: push ups) would feel. Also, sometimes, when I’m swimming, I can feel my muscles sliding over the implants and it really weirds me out.

The other thing that was strange was clothing. What was I going to wear for my training? Honestly, things came to me so easily before I was sick that I think I took it for granted. When sports bras are still a requirement but comfort is totally different, and when surgeries trigger arthritis on one side of the body, you learn very quickly to count your blessings.

I listen to podcasts while I do chores, and while I drive, and sometimes on my long run day. I stumbled upon Running on Om, with Julia Hanlon, and wow! So much nourishment there. Not only nourishment, but interviews with women in sports, women who run, men who run, yogis, musicians, you name it. From Running on Om, I discovered Oiselle – clothing problem solved. From Running on Om, I discovered Hoka One One running shoes – arthritis aches from running alleviated.

Sometimes, we forget to be grateful. It’s a mistake I don’t intend to repeat, but I am only human. I’m sure there will be days that I’m more on the grumpy side of the bed than the right one. In the meanwhile, I’ll be the one running before dawn, trying to stay ahead of the heat, in this new normal body. Perhaps, considering it’s me, I should call it new strange – what is normal, after all?

Love and light and blessings!

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