Baby steps…#MondayBlogs

Short, but sweet tonight. Today was another 6 month follow up with my oncologist. I've been so looking forward to graduating to that 1 visit per year stage that I was pretty disappointed when some of my labs didn't let that happen six months ago. Today, the labs were on the money. I'm over 5 … Continue reading Baby steps…#MondayBlogs

A Clean Bill…#MondayBlogs

It's here! After five years of bubbling along saying #remissionrocks (and did it ever!) my 5 year anniversary has arrived, and I am fully cancer free! This is that magical event known as having a clean bill of health. From the fun and crazy lead up to that first surgery, in which some of you … Continue reading A Clean Bill…#MondayBlogs

The Almost Graduation, & Two Different Perspectives #MondayBlogs

From the annals of breast cancer, through the eyes of my children.

Work in Progress…#Gratitude

I usually try to post thankful Thursday topics on here. My gratitude today is twofold: first, I trusted my gut. Second, my gut has pushed me into writing my second non-fiction book. The first was "The Cancer-Free Gourmet," which was written to share my tips for cheating the havoc chemotherapy can wreak on your tastebuds. … Continue reading Work in Progress…#Gratitude