Work in Progress…#Gratitude

I usually try to post thankful Thursday topics on here.

My gratitude today is twofold: first, I trusted my gut. Second, my gut has pushed me into writing my second non-fiction book.

The first was “The Cancer-Free Gourmet,” which was written to share my tips for cheating the havoc chemotherapy can wreak on your tastebuds.

Now, I am working on “The Cancer-Free Trainer.”

Right after I had my daughter, I was working at The Fitness Institute of Arrowhead, providing fitness training to “special populations.” In trainer-speak, this means people who had suffered injury or debilitating illness, and sought to offset those events with physical fitness.

When I became a member of a “special population” in 2011, I was still an athlete. Surgery and chemo were hard on my muscles, and the fatigue made it difficult for me to pursue anything that resembled my usual workouts. I have predominantly been a swimmer and runner, so the 5 mile daily run and 1-2 mile swims each week were no longer happening.

None of this sounds very heartening, I’m sure. The reason for the book is the journey back to athlete from cancer patient. As of today, I am back to my running and swimming, and even competing locally again in races. In October, I did the Tram Road Challenge for the first time in 4 years – a huge accomplishment, and a milestone which said (to me): “Ladies and gentlemen, I am back!”

The Cancer-Free Trainer will give the minor, post-surgery exercises that help to offset muscle and joint stiffness and limited range of motion, as well as the plan I employed to return to full strength and stamina.

One thing I absolutely love about writing non-fiction is the fact that the information I share can help others.

I’ll keep you updated, and share my random photos (from bald to present day) of the journey itself.

Blessings to you all…

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